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The concept of elegance has been associated with and defined by Roger Federer since the beginning of his career. In 1998, when we were still in junior, he was already in the attention of insiders, and three years later, at the age of 19, he defeated Pete Sampras at Wimbledon to gain world attention. I collected it.

The enthusiasm for the little boy was not only about the results he could achieve, but above all about the way he would have done it. No tennis player has ever been able to captivate the masses like him, as well proven in his more than 20 years of career.

But what is Roger’s legacy in the world of tennis? The answer is not easy. Some past champions have left an important mark. Consider the impact that Bjorn Borg and Chris Evert, along with Jimmy Connors, first cleared and justified the two-handed backhand, which was considered taboo at the time.

More specifically, Borg has introduced a new approach to taking rebound shots. That is, load topspin. This is a precursor to the main features of the game of Rafael Nadal, one of today’s champions. Meanwhile, Chris Evert was one of the first players to establish her playing style under relentless pressure from the baseline during the time when he dominated the game online.

From Novak Djokovic to Simona Halep, you can see the vestiges of modern playstyle, where everyone uses this tactic to beat their opponents. Dan Evans lost to Roger Federer in the second round of the Qatar Open in Doha on Wednesday.

And after the match, Brit claimed that Federer played some of his best tennis towards the end of the encounter. The match shows Roger Federer returning to the ATP Tour 13 months later. The 39-year-old took three sets to defeat Evans 7-6, 2-6, 7-5.

Roger Federer’s Dan Evans

“I could feel that certain parts weren’t there altogether, but when it got tight, it was clear that Roger Federer was much more aggressive in the third set,” said Dan Evans. Said after the match. “I really thought Roger Federer had played the best tennis in the last three or four games,” Evans added.

“When I got out of trouble and I went down 5-4, he really came closer to me. I felt a lot of pressure from his game. He gave me a lot of glimpses of why he was so good. In that context, Dan Evans emphasized that what Roger Federer is trying to achieve is really rare.

Brit added that Federer’s return to the tour brought a lot of excitement to his fans. “His story isn’t over yet, and from a fan’s point of view, he said it would be interesting to see how he progresses at his age,” Evans said.

“He’s 39 years old and it’s unheard of for anyone to compete for a Grand Slam (in a men’s game) at that age. It’s really good for everyone to see what happens. If he gets over it, we Everyone will be pretty excited. Another slam line. ”

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“I actually thought Roger Federer played his best tennis …” says ATP Ace. “I actually thought Roger Federer played his best tennis …” says ATP Ace.

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