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I am a proud, unvaccinated Trump supporter. Two of my brothers haven’t talked to me for 10 years. Need to cut them out of $ 7 million real estate?

Dear Quentin,

My wife and I couldn’t give birth and we both had a successful career. COVID-19 Retired shortly before the crisis. I haven’t talked to or listened to my two brothers and their children in the last decade.

We own several rental properties that generate a solid income and live a fairly modest life. The value of our real estate is about $ 7 million. We have a total of six siblings, but the trust of my family is now evenly dividing our property among all of them, regardless of the number of children.

My problem is that both my brothers are no longer talking to me because of my political beliefs (I’m a supporter of Trump) and my decision not to be fooled. I haven’t talked to or heard from my niece or nephew for the last 10 years. I think it’s pathetic to isolate a family for that reason, but that’s the choice they chose.

When I die, I don’t want my brothers and their children to enjoy inheriting millions of dollars from me. Some of my nieces and nephews on my wife’s side feel more familiar than any other niece or nephew. I’m thinking of leaving half of our property to only two of her nieces. This can cause family friction, which has to do with me.

What would you advise?

Husband, uncle, brother

Dear husband, uncle and brother,

When faced with a deeply personal decision, I ask myself, “How does this make me feel?” With that in mind, ask yourself, “How do you feel when you separate your brothers and their children from my will?” Or: “How do you feel that you have far less children left with your distant siblings than you have left with other nieces or nephews?” The answer may be “great.” , May not be.

A Thanksgiving dinner in this magnificent and problematic land is undoubtedly a barnstorming, roofing, rake between enthusiastic Republicans and Democrats (and Barnnie supporters, don’t forget them). There was a shaking discussion. The goal is to be able to sit on a plate of turkey breast and cranberry sauce and talk about our differences. Or even better: pass salt and avoid them.

I have lived in this country for 10 years and have not been able to prepare for the deep division between political parties and people along the ideology. Supporters of various political parties are chasing every second on social media every day. Yes, media and political classes are playing at the Peanuts Gallery, burning the embers of the conflict brightly every night.

Brothers against brothers

But it is a tragedy that this environment tears families apart, brothers into brothers, and generations into generations.It hurts a lot When The momentum to keep burning those fires at home. We all have flexible white and red lines that “never cross” on a different theme than our loved ones, and they vary greatly from person to person.

As a rule, even if you believe you are on the side of accepting stubborn free will and political difficulties, I gently warn you that you will make the final decision based on anger. So what about $ 7 million? Leave the most generous amount to your closest siblings and their children, and perhaps to your estranged siblings’ children.

The token gift says: Bringing more compassion and understanding to the table every Thanksgiving and every other year, the problem between me and your parents ends here. “

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I am a proud, unvaccinated Trump supporter. Two of my brothers haven’t talked to me for 10 years. Need to cut them out of $ 7 million real estate? I am a proud, unvaccinated Trump supporter. Two of my brothers haven’t talked to me for 10 years. Need to cut them out of $ 7 million real estate?

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