I Am Dead Review-Slice of Life

Game development has a new theme where designers take stories with powerful narrative themes and combine them with light puzzle-solving elements. (I often wonder if this is the result of many people using the derogatory “walking simulator”, but I deviate). I’m dead It falls into this category firmly.

I’m dead
Developer: Hollow Ponds
Price: $ 20
Platform: Nintendo Switch and PC
Monster Vine comes with a PC code for review

Taking on the role of Morris, a former curator of the Shelmerston Island Museum, you’re tasked with stitching together the physical items and memories used to sniff out the recently dead from the talking dead dog. I owe it. To find these memories and items, you need to “slice” objects that can get in the way of your camera. Once discovered, your dog, Sparky, can sniff out the psyche and rejoin the memory to reveal it to you. It may be a headache concept, but the gameplay is pretty easy.

Sparky leaves Morris to find a new custodian on the island. Shelmerston has a volcano in the middle and should be dormant, but it’s been a little more exciting lately. Today’s custodians are quite tired, and it’s up to Morris and Sparky to put together memories, reveal their spirits, and ask them if they want to take over. The story further explains that the spirits who decided to do this abandoned their appearance and became one with the island, making it impossible to visit the “west” where the spirits were supposed to go. Part of the in-game language.

In order to connect memory with physical items, Morris must first find someone who still has mental memory. The first spirit was to run a yoga studio from an abandoned lighthouse, passing through each level of the lighthouse, revealing some people thinking of those who recently died. Choosing a person gave birth to a small story of navigating using controller triggers through the flat 2D style of game art. Finding the right frame to land on before proceeding with the story was sometimes awkward and much easier with the mouse. All I had to do was draw a circle linearly from top to bottom in the UI element. However, I found it more comfortable to use the controller. Movement and slicing were suitable for controller use, so I took a hit and dealt with it with a trigger, but it wasn’t too much of a hassle.

Memories often tell stories that include the spirit and related items. I had to find the badge in the same place because I remembered the badge given by the spirit when one was alive. Effectively zoom in and out on items using controller triggers Slices pass through 3D objects as if they were cut into layers, no matter where the camera is. Many of the memorable items were found this way. In addition to the necessary items found to advance the story, there was a collection called Glenkins. To find Glenkins, you need to use the slicing system more accurately and match the slices in the image provided by Sparky. It was a transparent system created to make better use of the large number of objects created for the game, and finding them was still fun.

I wasn’t excited I’m dead After the first level, despite art and conversation, the game hasn’t captured me completely yet. Being treated by pushing more places around Shelmerston, I was fascinated by the world created by Hollow Pond. I’m dead Pretending to be our world, underneath are people of anthropomorphic birds and fish who love toast. In fact, many people at Shell Marston really seem to enjoy toast. There is a restaurant on the main street promenade that sells only toast.The world is humorously I’m dead It’s actually quite alive. While spending time in this world, I started investing a little more in the story and was a little disappointed at the end.

Following Morris’s story, I felt like I had a firm grasp of the story in the middle of the game and predicted what the story would be like shortly thereafter. What I was treated with was my prediction, spoken in a somewhat fascinating way. I’m not going to give you an example, but there are many games that are over-explained and unwelcome. Additional chapters or epilogues that go into what happened during the story of a serious subject that may not have needed to be explained. I’m dead I felt a connection to the story when it ended exactly where it should be and my mind unraveled things during the final credit.I apologize for being very abstract, but I feel it is not only necessary, but almost appropriate for the type of game. I am the Drug Enforcement Administrationd is.

A stunning low-poly art that deals with not only powerful stories, but also ridiculous art and stories helped by humorous narration. I’m dead..All important characters of I’m dead Speaking brilliantly, the dialogue between them is humorous. Sparkly sounds like a fun and capricious young woman, and Morris is a kind old gentleman. Using the memories of other islanders, we come across a variety of covetous recollections that would have lost all meaning without proper instruction. I often fell into the story because of how well they were spoken and raised.

The last word
I Am Dead is very suitable for being a short and fun puzzle game with a story deep enough to get rid of something. It’s not just about combining pieces, it’s chaining elements together, creating a very fascinating world with beautiful storytelling rewards. If you love puzzle games, there are certainly more difficult puzzle games out there. However, if you’re interested in powerful stories, fun art, and completing simple puzzles, I Am Dead is the most fun of the year.

MonsterVine Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars – great

I Am Dead Review – A Slice of Life

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