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Derby winger Jordon Ibe An emotional post on Instagram says he is suffering from depression.

The 25-year-old joined the championship side derby from Bournemouth at the end of last season and made one appearance this season. He has not joined the matchday team under Wayne Rooney this year.

“I want to apologize to fans all over the world,” Ibe wrote on Instagram. “I’ve noticed that I’m in a dark place because I’m suffering from depression. It’s not a plan to say the media or my name. I find things really difficult.

“Thanks for all the love and messages from everyone. The time is generally tough for this pandemic. I have full support from my family and the Derby County Soccer Club.

“I fix this situation with myself. I am 100% committed. Not only for my family, close friends and daughters, but also for me.”

Ibe was banned from driving for 16 months in March 2020 after being involved in a car accident in London.

Joined Ibe Liverpool The 2012-13 season, when he made his Premier League debut at the age of 16 in 2011.Joined Ibe Liverpool At the age of 16 in 2011, he made his Premier League debut in the 2012-13 season before moving to Bournemouth in 2016 with a £ 18m contract. He stayed there until he moved to Derby in 2020.

He joined Bournemouth in 2016 and stayed there for four years before moving to Derby.

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I am suffering from depression I am suffering from depression

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