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Alexander Zverev, the third-largest player in the world, admitted that he was unaware that he had defeated all of the top 10 players at least once in 2021. Zverev won many titles in the 2021 season in six finals. “I didn’t know I had defeated all the top 10 players.

It’s always a great thing to know, it’s not that bad. I’m looking forward to this year. I worked hard during the off-season. ” Zverev did quite well in 2021, but still lacks the Grand Slam title.

“I aimed to be stronger from these moments. If you don’t believe in yourself at the end of the day, who’s going to do it?” Zverev told ZDF. “There are two things I haven’t reached yet, to win the Grand Slam and become the best in the world.

I hope all of this is already happening in Australia. ”

Zverev defeated Novak Djokovic twice

Zverev defeated Djokovic in the middle of winning the Tokyo Olympics and the ATP Finals. Recently, Zverev admitted that beating Djokovic made him feel “invincible.”

“I want to be more relaxed on the track and show my abilities to everyone. I felt invincible by defeating Djokovic in Tokyo and Turin,” Zverev said. After losing to Zverev in the ATP Finals, Djokovic advised the Germans to become Grand Slam champions soon.

“Of course we want to win each other, but more important than winning or losing is respect and gratitude for each other. That’s what I always had in Sasha. Djokovic went to Zverev in the ATP Finals. After losing, he said.

“I wish him all the success. He is a great man and a great tennis player. I am confident that he will soon be a Grand Slam champion.”

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I didn’t know I beat all the top 10 players in 2021 I didn’t know I beat all the top 10 players in 2021

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