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Julianna Peña Submission of Round 3 to Saram McMan at UFC 257 Last Saturday, her next appearance in the Octagon began laying the groundwork for what she wanted. In a post-combat interview with John Anique, Peña made good use of Mike’s time and made a bold call from current two-part champion Amanda Nunes.

“I got out of the fight with three former world champions and defeated the best wrestlers in the category,” Peña said. “I have the news. Amanda Nunes, I want to fight you. This girl is fighting a girl who has only three wins. Except for me, no one has taken such a tough road in the UFC now. I want to fight Amanda. It’s time for her to stop ducking. That’s my fight. ”

As soon as the callout was delivered, Nunez replied, with the help of his wife Nina Ansaroff, who took him to Twitter to shut down Peña in a few tweets. Nunez wiped out Ducking’s allegations and said the reason they never fought was because Peña wouldn’t make himself a competitor.

Peña was asked about this response during her Postwar press conference Together with the media gathered in Abu Dhabi, he explained why he called for a fight with the champion and why she now believes it deserves.

“First, when she fought Miesha Tate on the UFC 200, I had just defeated Cat Zingano, who had just stopped Amanda Nunes,” Pena said. “So Amanda said she would fight me, then she fought Ronda Rousey. Then I was going to wait and stand on the bench, but then I got stronger in the fight with Valentina. [Shevchenko] And I put Valentina in a position she didn’t want to enter, enthusiastically hit my submission and made a mistake.

“The same is true for world champion Germaine de Randham. I put her in a position I didn’t want to put in, didn’t pull her off the fence, and screwed myself in thinking I was caught in a regular guillotine. I was squeezing my shoulders and said, “I was passed to the right side. I am squeezing my shoulders. Thank you.” Then I was rumbling and said, “Man, I’m squeezing my shoulders, maybe. I need to put more pressure on my shoulders. ” And I was rumbling, then I was out. So anyway. I put these girls in a position they don’t want to enter, and I’m the one making the mistake. ”

The battle between Nunez and Peña may not have happened when it was supposed to be for a given reason, but the 7th place bantamweight hasn’t slipped through it again. Peña, who returned to the victory line for the first time since July 2019, raised the issue with Nunez, saying she was not her candidate.

In Peña’s view, she is a better candidate for Nunez than her next opponent, Megan Anderson.

“She says I’m not a candidate, Amanda Nunes, but the girl with a .500 record of 3 wins and 2 losses in the UFC is a better competitor than I am. I don’t know,” Peña said. It was. “She said she would fight me, but now she says I’m not a competitor. I don’t think she wants to fight me. Anyway. I got hurt. I’m not ready to intervene right away. I’ll let you know if it’s needed, but that’s the only fight that makes sense to me. ”

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‘I don’t get it’; Julianna Peña confused why Megan Anderson fights Amanda Nunes for her ‘I don’t get it’; Julianna Peña confused why Megan Anderson fights Amanda Nunes for her

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