I don’t know if EA will raise the price of next-generation games

Electronic Arts says it’s unclear if it will raise the price of next-generation games, but that games will offer a deeper experience and may require higher price tags. ..

In a recent earnings announcement, COO / CFO Blake Jorgensen said the EA is currently focusing on new consoles and their games and is not in a position to comment on pricing.

I still don’t want to think too much about it. I’ve always said that games are becoming more and more expensive. The experience is getting deeper and deeper. People are playing games for a long time. Some may argue that it may require higher prices over time. But as more games emerge for the transition to next-generation consoles, we’ll address that.

And what I’m returning by default is to stay focused on the excitement of what the new game can do. The price follows. We understand it. And I don’t want people to read it. Whether to raise the price. Still do not know. What we know is that new consoles will allow us to do more, and we have partnerships with console manufacturers such as Sony and Microsoft.

Several publishers, including Sony Interactive Entertainment and Take Two, have already begun to charge $ 70 for next-generation games, claiming that updated prices reflect increased development costs and a richer gaming experience. I am. Analysts say the rest of the industry will eventually follow.

[Source: Seeking Alpha]

EA Is Unsure if It’ll Raise Game Prices or Not but Believes That Games Now Offer Deeper Experiences

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