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Rafael Nadal answers journalists’ questions after being more relaxed, calmer, more confident and having a compelling success with Fabio Fognini’s three sets. He was finally free from back pain and well trained.

And the logical consequence was a good performance on the pitch. “The first set represented the highest level during the tournament. It’s normal because I was able to train for two days in a row. This makes a big difference.”

But Rafa knows that if he wants to go forever, his level will have to rise again. But for now, he enjoys the progress shown on the pitch with the Italians. “My physical condition still needs to improve.

But this match helped me. I haven’t trained well in the last 20 days, but yesterday I started increasing my workload again. And today I won a good match in some long rallies. This will help you in your next match. “

Rafael Nadal will defeat Fabio Fognini on Monday in a straight set to advance to the Australian Open quarterfinals against Greek Stephanostipas. But much of the story about the Spaniards in the first week revolved around his grumpy back.

Rafael Nadal recalls injury at US Open 2009

At a press conference on Monday, Rafael Nadal quoted his own personal experience with abdominal injuries at the 2009 US Open. This got worse as the tournament progressed. Nadal insisted he was willing to take the risk as it was the end of the season and there was a one-month window to recover after the tournament.

“I remember starting the US Open nervously at the US Open 2009, here in the abdomen,” Nadal said. “I started with a tension of about 6mm and finished the tournament, lost to Del Potro in the semifinals, and finished the tournament at 26mm.

Of course, that wasn’t a wise decision. “Well, that depends on what you do after the US Open. Rafael Nadal played Stefanos Tsitsipas in the quarterfinals on Wednesday, and the Greeks won no vote from Matteo Berrettini. Circular.

The second place in the world aims to be the first man to win two Grand Slams in the open era. Perhaps more importantly, he also aims to break the record for Roger Federer’s 20 Grand Slam titles.

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“I finished the tournament at 26mm” “I finished the tournament at 26mm”

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