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On Christmas Day, a list of teams participating in the 2021 edition of the ATP Cup will arrive. This is a reduced edition (12 teams instead of 24 teams) held in a single location (Melbourne) to prevent players from moving. A person who spent quarantine in Melbourne in anticipation of the Australian Open.

The team will be divided into three four groups, with the first group in each group participating in the semi-finals. Since each country is number one in the ranking, the disclosed names include the number one and number two in each country.

Of course, the existence of Roger Federer’s name is news, but this does not necessarily mean that the Swiss champion will actually play in an Australian tournament. Australian Open coach Craig Tylie said last week that Federer had confirmed his presence in Melbourne, but the Swiss expressed concern about their knee condition and the possibility of recovery in time.

If a team wants to select a specialist, it will be completed by two or three other players selected based on a single ranking (n.3 and n.4 in each country) or a double ranking. In a conversation with Tennisactu, Luca Van Assche revealed that Roger Federer is his most respected player.

The teenager wants to follow in the footsteps of a Swiss legend, but admits that he has a difficult path.

Roger Federer’s Van Asche

“Otherwise, I have great respect for all the work Rafael Nadal has done to reach this level,” added Luca van Asche.

“I have the impression that Roger Federer, Nadal, is talented and quietly doing everything. It’s really inspiration because of this hard-working side and seeing it through his work.” When it comes to issues outside the tennis court, Roger is the only tennis player in the Top 10 rankings of Forbes’ highest-paying athletes in the last decade.

In 2020, Federer topped the rankings, jumping to the top of football superstars Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. The amount of income he generates from endorsements is unmatched. Given his success on and off the tennis court, he is arguably the best player ever.

Besides the belief that many tennis fans do, there are many game greats who have expressed similar opinions in the past. He has enjoyed rivalry with previous generation players such as Marat Safin, Andre Agassi and Andy Roddick. But his most notable rivals are arguably against Djokovic, and the greatest of them is against Rafael Nadal.

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“I get the impression that Roger Federer is doing everything …” says Young Ace. “I get the impression that Roger Federer is doing everything …” says Young Ace.

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