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“I had to quit farming for mental health.”

“Horse is good for me when I’m feeling stressed and anxious,” says Dan Goodwin.

“I think being around them is very therapeutic. They relax me,” he says, helping raise awareness of mental health issues as part of the Farm Safety Foundation’s Mind Your Head campaign. 23 The old man says.

“Most people have the same effect, so it’s helpful to be able to identify the one that suits you and calm you down when you feel you’re heading to an important place.”

Dan has experienced anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation for the four years that came to mind in 2019 and doesn’t know much about how it feels to be in a critical place.

“Everyone was shocked when I posted on social media that I was suffering from mental health and decided to quit farming because I didn’t have many symptoms.”

Dan Goodwin © Dan Goodwin

Lack of certainty

He says it was the most difficult decision he had ever made, as agriculture was his dream career. “But I’m a person who likes certainty, and I’ve learned that agriculture has too much uncertainty for me.

“Everyone was rugged after I posted them on social media,” he recalls. “I became humble in the reaction. People were incredibly supportive. They were angry that they couldn’t help-but that I was still here. I just thank you. “

Dan was backed by The Farm Safety Foundation (also known as Yellow Wellies) at the time and is grateful that he is now the Suffolk Ambassador for charity. “I was very lucky to be surrounded by people who passed through me, and now I wish I could help others,” he says.

Help is available

“I want to play my part so that I don’t feel like no one is helping me. What I was feeling then is that many people are feeling now. Agriculture is a very stressful job, and changing weather puts even more pressure on farmers, and so many people are struggling.

“When I was depressed, I thought it was just a bad day, then another bad day, and I had to keep doing it. But when those times continue, you Must think more carefully about what is causing it and if you need any help.

“I kept it all to myself, but it was a mistake. I felt like I couldn’t go anywhere and talk to anyone, so I knew that all agricultural colleges would incorporate mental health into the curriculum. I want it. “

One day, Dan keeps the door open to get back to work in one of the agricultural sub-industries, while working in the eventing and hospitality industries.
“I want to go back to farming, but I have to think about myself. That may not be right for me. It was very difficult to get out of farming,” he recalls.

“I always remember that day. We opposed it in terms of time and pressure, and many things went wrong. So many little things were accumulating-I am I could feel my brain slowly fill and fill, and it reached the point where it exploded. It completely broke down. “

“I had to leave”

“I worked hard to find my place, but I had to make the most difficult decision in my life to get away from my favorite job, because it was too much for me. , I had to leave.

“It wasn’t a reflection on the farms and peasants I worked for. It was all about agriculture. If I hadn’t made that decision to leave, I wouldn’t be here today.

“Ten years ago, the issue of mental health wasn’t mentioned at all in agriculture. Now there’s more, but there’s still more to do. Don’t be afraid of mental health.”

Mind Your Head Campaign

Stephanie Berkeley, manager of the Farm Safety Foundation, which runs the fourth annual Mind Your Head campaign from February 15th to 19th, asks someone what they’re doing best on a particular day. Say it might be important.

“We all say it many times every day, but how often do you wait for an answer? It’s important to remember that this is a question, not a statement. Someone answers you. If not, ask again.

“If you’re struggling, it’s very helpful to listen. It’s the greatest relief just to realize that you’re struggling and feel that you’re giving you time. There is a possibility.”

Stephanie calls the agricultural mental health epidemic “the biggest hidden problem facing farmers today,” but Royal Agricultural Charity, Royal Scottish Agricultural Charity, Farming Community Network, and Yana. Point to an organization such as (you are not alone) and say that help is available.

“We need to normalize conversations about mental health so that people can talk like they talk about physical injuries. If you feel you are in a low place, you have a life Can’t enjoy, everything becomes overwhelming, you’re just worried about everything, tell someone – talk
about it. “

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“I had to quit farming for mental health.”

https:///farm-life/health-and-wellbeing/i-had-to-leave-farming-for-the-sake-of-my-mental-health “I had to quit farming for mental health.”

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