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Italian journalist Mario Sconcerti questioned Massimiliano Allegri’s work at Juventus after returning to Turin this season.

He saw Bianconeri struggling despite winning 1-0 against AS Roma yesterday.

The victory was the fourth consecutive victory in the league, but Sconcherti doubts whether football fans will celebrate that achievement.

He claims the match wasn’t a good match and wonders how Allegri prepares the team for a big match.

Juventus had few problems, except for the goal of AS Roma. Journalists claim that Bianconeri over the last decade hasn’t performed impressively, despite most often winning trophies.

He told TMW Radio: Tuttomercatoweb:

“Honestly, I didn’t see a good match. The question I ask myself is where is Allegri going in this type of game. Apart from the goal, I’ve seen Juve’s goal shot. Is there? Despite four victories, I don’t know if the public can praise this team.

“If we have to think about Juventus in the last decade, we are at an inadequate level. This also applies to Rome, where we need to learn how to manage strikers. Juventus cannot remain Juventus. They have obligations as well as rights. I believe in Allegri more than players. This is exactly the limit of Juventus.

“We haven’t seen any improvement in the last few games. Next, Juventus should note that despite these four wins, they didn’t recover points on their first win. Caesar is Caesar. Must do, otherwise he will be something else.

“Juventus is Cesare. When it comes to Rome, they are certainly a different team than Rome in Fonseca, but they need to learn to manage the match.”

After a bad start to the season, Bianconeri will be happy with his recent 1-0 win.

You have to play beautiful football, but it’s always three important points and Allegri knows how to get them.

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“I haven’t seen any improvement,” journalists ask Allegri’s work at “I haven’t seen any improvement,” journalists ask Allegri’s work at

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