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Neil Magny isn’t here because of the ridicule after losing to Michael Chiesa in the UFC Fight Island 8.

Magny and Chiesa were initially scheduled to compete in the evening’s joint main event, but were promoted to top billing as soon as the original welterweight main event between Leon Edwards and Khamzat Chimaev began. fell.. Magny and Chiesa will fight for all five scheduled rounds in a fierce fighting event that saw the latter win a unanimous decision victory.

He was no longer in the event, but Chimaev was still paying close attention to the battle between Magny and Chiesa’s top-ranked candidates. After the fight was over, he went to Twitter to respond to the performances of both men.

The tweet wasn’t immediately answered by Magny, but it changed on Monday night. Magny sent a series of tweets to Chimaev. Chimaev warned about how to react to his loss.

“You finally found [a] A pair of balls! “Magney wrote. “Where was this energy for months? [ago] When you had [the] Opportunity to fight me?I’m not picking opponents by hand like you, I’ve been fighting the best guys in the UFC [last] 8 years. Something you don’t know anything about. “

A few months ago, Chimaev needed an opponent after being rumored to have been turned down by a welterweight celebrity.Magny isn’t one of those names, it’s actually I took him to Twitter to call for a fight With Chimaev who immediately accepted the proposal.

Even though Magny and Chimaev were interested in the potential fight, it never happened, and the UFC offered men two different opponents, Chiesa and Edwards, respectively. Whether or not they have won other opponents, this seems to be a fight that Magny wants to go back to, as suggested in his last tweet to Chimaev.

“When you meet me in person, try to keep the same energy. I tell you my words, I hit you at a glance and teach you some respect!”

Chimaev may be looking at many names like Magny, but he’s already in line. Chimaev is preparing to return to the Octagon for the long-awaited battle with Edwards. Heading UFC at ESPN + 45 in March.

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‘I hit you at a glance’; Neil Magny co-stars with Khamzat Chimaev ‘I hit you at a glance’; Neil Magny co-stars with Khamzat Chimaev

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