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Robin Söderling is the only player alongside Novak Djokovic, who can boast of defeating Rafael Nadal at Roland Garros in the fourth round of the 2009 edition. The Swedes then apparently surrendered to Roger Federer in the final, and after many disappointments, the Swiss phenomenon allowed him to win his first title in Paris.

Two finalists in the French capital consider Roger to be the toughest opponent he has ever faced. In the podcast “The Functional Tennis,” Robin confessed that he was always worried about the 20-time Grand Slam champion (Roland Garros 2010) who was beaten only once.

In fact, Soderling reached his final performance at Roland Garros in 2010, but this time Nadal did not give a discount and took revenge from the previous year. The former world’s fourth-largest was forced to retire early due to severe mononucleosis, and despite countless efforts he was basically unable to return to the field.

Robin Söderling looks back on facing Roger Federer

“It was really hard for me mentally,” said Robin Söderling. “I was playing the first Grand Slam final. Everything was happening very fast for me. He played. I don’t know how many Grand Slam finals there are.

He was much more experienced. I played the top players many times and won several times, especially against Roger Federer many times. For me, Roger has always been the hardest opponent to play against. “

“I’m not saying he’s better than Rapha or Novak, but his game didn’t really fit my game.” The Swedes also claim themselves in a match against Federer. Explained that he always finds it difficult.

“I left the court because I played against Roger so many times, but I wondered why I played so poorly today,” Soderling said. “I know I have to play very well to beat him, but it was very difficult to play well with him.

I lost to Rafa and Novak, but I still felt it was a good match. I played well. It was better than I am today. The news about the coronavirus became surprisingly huge in early 2020.

The severity of the virus can still affect more humans, and Federer is discouraged by the vulnerability. “The actions of others are very important to me. You always come first for me. If they are fine, I am fine too.

That’s why I didn’t need this blockade to see it. But not everyone knows what’s important in life, “Federer said in a recent interview.

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“I left the court when I played against Roger Federer …” says former Top 5 “I left the court when I played against Roger Federer …” says former Top 5

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