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Immortalizing the best tennis players on the most important courts in the world is a photographer’s dream. The very serious impact of the pandemic is also affecting this sector, as travel between different countries (and often the same country) is hindered or severely restricted.

Roland Garros 2020 was a great opportunity to take pictures, given that the space enjoyed by the Grand Slam was able to welcome a small number of journalists and photographers. The Paris tournament was characterized by the impressive domination of Rafael Nadal. Rafael Nadal won the championship 13 times, leaving bread crumbs to his rivals.

Imagine Roger Federer had to wait until 2009 to lift his first and only trophy in the French capital. Novak Djokovic, meanwhile, won in 2016 after several failures. Also noteworthy is the 2015 Stan Wawrinka victory. This is the result of aggressive tactics and extraordinary performance over the last two weeks.

In a long interview posted on Roland Garros’ official website, some prominent photographers talked about their feelings about capturing the abuse of the racket phenomenon.

Roger Federer’s Lecock

Emily Houtier, who filmed the first-ever night match in the history of the French Open, described his time at the tournament in brilliant words.

The French claimed that he and his associates were privileged to be part of the 2020 edition. “It was September instead of the traditional May / June. We were there and knew how lucky we were to be in this historic edition,” says Emily Houtier. I did.

“Rafael Nadal is really the most awe-inspiring photo,” Hatie said. “He is a pure embodiment of strength and very visual.” Cedric Lecock was another photographer who was part of the 2020 edition of the French Open.

The French have been working in major tournaments for about 15 years, earning a huge number of stars from the photographer’s stands. “I love the three great champions I’ve been lucky enough to see recently,” Lecocq said.

“I have a little taste for Roger Federer, his calm attitude, and his balanced game with his amazing one-handed backhand, and being No. 1 in the world for 237 weeks in a row. It was just incredible! ”There is still doubt as to whether Federer will be able to play in the next clay court season.

He is training really hard and will definitely want to make a comeback before the 2021 Wimbledon Championship. Will Federer win his 21st Grand Slam title this year?

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“I like Roger Federer a bit …” says top photographer “I like Roger Federer a bit …” says top photographer

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