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I miss Hollow Knight. Almost every day I scroll through the amazing Metroidvania subreddit and Discord servers. This was a ritual news hunt to quickly see if anything new was said about the next sequel, Hollow Knight: Silksong. But over time, I remember that I wasn’t the only one desperately missing out on the game, rather than going to that place for information.

I know I can play Hollow Knight. But that doesn’t really matter. Ever wanted to clear your memory of your favorite game and try it again?

Alas, my memory is intact and I played it so much that I didn’t want to burn myself up, a silk song suddenly appeared by chance. The sequel to the expanded version of Hollow Knight was announced in February 2019. The only news since then was the release of four new characters.

Silksong feels like an airy game is stuck. I think it’s a good kind of limbo. It means that a small team of talented indie developers is spending as much time as they need to create a game that fans already love. Busy show floor. I can’t believe I actually played with both hands at EGX last year.

It’s probably a bold statement to say that fans already love Silksong, but I truly believe it. While we know that social media isn’t always the most powerful indicator of these, Hollow Knight subreddit and Discord servers are two of the most active and positive communities we’ve seen in the last few years. It is one. Art, memes, discussions, they’re all a pleasure – there are just a few this week.

A hollow knight’s firewood grill made for a friend. [OC] from r / Hollow Knight

r / Hollow Knight’s Vesselz

Until the silk song comes out from r / Hollow Knight, the hollow knight is not drawn well 345th day

r / Hollow Knight’s Little Artist (Fan Art)

Recently I started playing Hollow Knight for the first time and wanted to share one of the paintings I drew with r / Hollow Knight.

Hollow Knight: I hope Silksong is coming soon. Of course, for selfish reasons, I really want to play. But take a look at these beautiful, time-consuming and entertaining pieces created by the community. They look like a very nice and passionate bunch, so I hope Silksong will arrive for them soon.

In that regard, the Game Awards are next week. Games Awards may have good announcements. There are whispers that Team Cherry has the news, but those whispers are always there. I’ve been burned with hope before, but it’s too late. It’s about the same height as all Nintendo Direct and E3 showcases where Silksong didn’t appear. I just blame myself. If your hopes read this and begin to surface, you can blame me too.

Perhaps this is the last effort to achieve Silksong information by the end of the year. I was able to somehow predict Mass Effect news twice last month-maybe my newly discovered power could be transferred to Hollow Knight as well.

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I miss Hollow Knight

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