I paid twice as much as the PS5, but I don’t regret it

You can get everything at a price (Photo: Sony)

One reader explains why he was happy to spend £ 900 on the PS5 and what he thought about the console and its games so far.

That’s why PlayStation 5 is now available everywhere in the world. However, you can’t actually go out and buy (in many places you can hardly go out, but you can’t).It’s not anyone’s fault, but with the coronavirus The Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 were close to a disaster that I wouldn’t particularly blame for Microsoft or Sony.

Sony created a hash of the pre-order, but due to the biggest deterioration, allowed it to start suddenly without warning. Whether you got it would still be a matter of luck, and even if you knew when it started, I’m not sure if I would bet on my chance. However, there were more warnings that the site would arrive on Thursday, so I tried my luck there … and came up with a snake’s eye.

If you think I’m prepared for this worst case, but it sounds pretty calm about everything I can assure you that it wasn’t at that time. And getting ready means that if I couldn’t get it the usual way, I saved some extra money to buy it from eBay. It’s ridiculous that I know, but this year was a very terrible year. I was really looking forward to the PlayStation 5 (all games were delivered last week) and couldn’t stand the idea that it wasn’t available on the first day. Or at least pretty close to it.

So I dipped into the eBay Viper’s Nest and tried to navigate the apparent troll and anger-inducing sellers who for some reason claimed to sell 10 consoles instead of 1. Seeing the prices mentioned, I almost gave up, even though many of them were obviously not serious. But in the end I found something to buy now for £ 900. It was a little more than I expected. The man was local and he offered to deliver it. It didn’t sound perfect, but it sounded irresistible.

I paid and asked the seller when it could be delivered. He said tomorrow and asked me to make sure he was wearing a mask. I’ve been working from home for a long time, so there was no problem, but I have to admit that I wasn’t reluctant because the clock was slowly ticking according to the time. And finally the doorbell rang. It took a few more seconds to get off. When I opened the door, a big box was waiting for me, and a man in a black mask was tentatively hovering the stairs.

“Why did you sell it?” I asked strangely. “I thought I could make some money,” he said honestly and shrugging. I think he doubled the money, but within 24 hours, just drive about 20 minutes from the next town and you’ll see why Scalper does. This guy hit me as a chance to try his luck because he knew how much it was worth. So he was probably a gamer.

“Do you regret it?” When I picked up the box, I asked him not to suddenly change his mind. Another shrug: “Get it when it’s cheap”. So there seemed to be nothing else to say and we disappeared from each other’s lives.

So now I got a PlayStation 5. It paid twice as much as I had to pay, but only one day late. And … it’s great.

The review was correct: quiet (and huge) like a mouse, DualSense is great, Astro’s playroom is great, Spider-Man: Miles Morales looks much better than a PlayStation 4 remaster, and is the best for Demon’s Souls. There are some graphics I’ve seen so far. Of course, I haven’t played much yet, but everything feels like that … next generation.

DualSense is very different and clever, so I think it’s my favorite part, but if Demon’s Souls look like a game at first, I’m looking forward to what the game will look like in the end.

It lived up to my expectations. I didn’t connect it all, so I immediately regretted the buyer. However, there was something new and exciting thrill in my heart. I shouldn’t have spent that much extra money, but owning a PlayStation 5 feels really good so far.

By reader Futterman

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I paid twice the price for a PS5 and I don’t regret it – Reader’s Feature

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