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It is difficult to explain the concept of the exhibition to Rafael Nadal and Murray. Abu Dhabi’s one a few weeks before the circuit reopened turned out to be a real match. After almost six months of outages, the Spanish champion himself, whose tactical choices are unclear and struggling to find an automated mechanism, answers the vast majority of questions from a physical perspective.

Sure, the empty pass is worth it with the services available in the first set, and of course, taking advantage of the many (small) opportunities offered by “Sir Andy” First, most of the errors in 5-5. Does not condense.

The more solid Briton served almost perfectly overall, setting the score to 6-4 7-5 and overtaking Denis Shapovalov’s executioner Andrey Rublev in the final of the Mubadara World Tennis Championships. increase. Nadal will score 8 out of the first 8 points on the available serve, but will give Murray a “Frank” 15-30 at the heart of Game 5 after the toughest trades in the set.

The Spaniards, unable to recover on a forehand off-serve, sank a fairly trivial setback at 15-40 and actually “yielded” the set to three Grand Slam champions. Apparently called for a comeback, Nadal tries to improve his tactical plan a bit and, above all, stay glued to the scoreboard.

Needless to say, he reduces the number of long exchanges and pinches the more continuous left diagonal. Changing the pace at 15-15 (during the 8th game), he can face 15-30. At the same time, in the game immediately after, you need to serve and volley (0 to 30) to get out of trouble.

The Spaniards, who were asked to serve to ensure a tiebreaker, absurd at 15-15, especially depending on the hawk’s eyes at 15-30, and the results are not good.

Nadal is out of treatment for foot injuries

Rafael Nadal talked about his best friend Roger Federer after losing to Andy Murray 6-3, 7-5 at the Mamoura Diversified World Tennis Championships on Friday.

Nadal talked to Federer “very often” and revealed that the two had a “fluid relationship.” “I have no one to say what we are talking about personally, but yes, I have a very fluid relationship with Roger, we talk very often.” Said Rafael Nadal.

“I always knew what he meant to come back, but I’m not the one to say.” Rafael Nadal further explained why he was happy to lose, 8 He pointed out that he hasn’t played a full match since he withdrew from the tour in May.

“In the last five months, Mallorca has played these games zero times. We controlled exercises and more to try to evolve the foot normally,” explains Nadal.

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“I played these games at zero” “I played these games at zero”

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