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Roger Federer2021 was certainly unforgettable on the tennis court. The Swiss champion played only 13 official matches and did not exceed the quarterfinals at Wimbledon. Prior to returning from two knee surgeries last year, the number one in the world didn’t even look close to acceptable.

A not impossible draw allowed him to make it into the top eight of the championship. He then hit Hubert Hurkacz on the center court. The 20th Grand Slam champion left London badly, so it remained his last match of the season.

On Sunday evening, August 15, a 40-year-old man from Basel announced that he had to have twelve surgeries on his right knee. King Roger was seen walking on crutches during the Laver Cup in Boston, and his coach Ivan Ljubicic admitted that he had no firm plans to return to the tour.

Recently, the city of Basel has decided to name the tram after the most important athlete. In a long interview with Basel Live, the Swiss answered a series of interesting questions. At one point he was asked if he had traveled by tram without buying a ticket.

Federer and his tram journey

Roger said: “I have to admit that it happened several times, especially for short distances. I’ve never done this. I’ve had a GA Travel Card (Swiss Travel Card) for many years, so it’s rare. You need to buy a ticket.

In general, I think fairness is very important. I followed this principle during my tennis career. I did a lot when I was young. I remember sitting behind the driver to observe the trip better.

Or, when I wanted to listen to music, I sat down at the end of the tram. Roger Federer recalls having to return to the court of the Australian Swing 2022 and play at the upcoming Australian Open Melbourne Park. 2022. Also, Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams should be back for the Australian slums.

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“I traveled by tram without a ticket!” “I traveled by tram without a ticket!”

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