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Arsenal Manager Mikel Arteta said Arsene Wenger could decide when to return to the club and wanted the French to be “closer to me” in a more formal position.

Wenger’s 22-year reign as Arsenal’s boss officially ended in 2018 with mutual consent, but then his method of retirement was given when his contract still had one year left. “It wasn’t my decision,” he said.

Arsenal didn’t qualify for the Champions League in the last two seasons, but their successor, Unai Emery, was only in charge of 18 months before being replaced by Arteta.

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During a recent international break, Arteta attended the film premiere of “Arsene Wenger: Invincible”, and the Spaniards said: It’s incredibly fun to meet him and chat with him. Hopefully you can get him closer.

“Thanks to the respect, admiration, and love that everyone in the club has for what he has done and for him, he can make around him when he is around this place. I think you can have a great time just by looking at the environment. You are represented as a member of this club. “

Arteta was asked by ESPN what specific role Wenger would have, “I can’t say it now, but what I can say is that he wants me to be closer to me more personally. I think it will be a great help. It will be a great help for the club.

“I think things take time and he has to decide when to do that. I can say from my side, and I’m glad he’s closer on behalf of everyone. “.

Wenger has been hired by the FIFA to lead global development. Reform the football calendar He used to hesitate to return to his former club, claiming in May last year, “Would you like to return to Emirates Stadium? I always told myself that I would leave Arsenal altogether. That was my decision.” ..

Meanwhile, Arteta hinted Granit Xhaka It is possible that we will return to action earlier than planned by the end of the year. The midfielder was initially excluded until January, and the knee ligament was injured in September, but recovery is proceeding smoothly, Arteta said.

“He trains and pushes himself and all the staff as usual. He is in a good place and is evolving well. I wish I could meet him a little earlier. To decide. “

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I want him to come closer to me I want him to come closer to me

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