“I was hoping for Zverev’s double mistake in the US Open final.” – Tennis Sports

Dominic Thiem talked about the spectacular US Open final against Alexander Zverev and said he wanted a double fault from his rivals in the tiebreaker decision. He had almost nothing left in the tank! Thiem participated in the fourth major final, overcoming all obstacles and defeating Zverev 2-6, 4-6, 6-4, 6-3, 7-6 in 4 hours and 1 minute to become a major champion. I did.

The French Open has been the most notable comeback in the men’s major finals since 2004. They overcame two sets to love the deficit to lift the trophy. Zverev won, took the opening two sets, won the title 5-3 with the decider, and wasted everything to finish second in his first major final.

Thiem scored four points overall and maintained his neck and neck in both the shortest and more advanced exchanges for a memorable tennis clash. The Germans had more winners and unforced errors, recording eight breaks from 18 chances and suffering seven breaks from 13 chances offered to the Austrians.

Alexander got off to a fierce start, shooting 16 winners, dropping 3 points on the opener’s serve, putting his rivals far behind and winning 6-2. Zverev forced Thiem’s ​​error to secure the first break 1-1, fell in love with the forehand winner and saw his advantage, opening the 3-1 gap.

The young man landed another forehand winner to consolidate Round 6 and maintain 4-2 before taking another break in Round 7 due to Thiem’s ​​mistake and entering the opening round. Alexander showed no nervous signs, and after 30 minutes landed an ace on the T-line to finish the first part of the encounter, hoping more for the rest of the crash.

Zverev gained a 5-1 advantage by hitting Thiem in the opening six games of the second set, continuing from where he left in the first game. The Austrians sprayed a forehand error in the third game to keep up, wasting two deuces on the return of the next game and 4-1 down themselves following another forehand mistake in the fifth game. I did.

Dominic Thiem beat Alexander Zverev in four hours in New York.

Dominique faced three setpoints 1-5, digging deeper to dodge them and extend the set, repel another setpoint with a return, pull back one break, hold love and then deficit Was reduced to 4-5.

With no room for error, Alexander won the second set 6-4 in Game 10 and gained the advantage by winning two sets 80 minutes later. Zverev broke in the third game of the third set when Thiem landed the forehand across the baseline, but took a break a few minutes later to keep his rivals on the positive side.

At 4-4, the Austrians held after deuce for one of the important holds, and when the Germans took set 6-4 and sent the forehand wide to extend the encounter, at 15 Alexander’s I stole the serve. Backed by this momentum, Thiem had a clear advantage in set number 4 and created two break chances in the sixth game, two points behind the first shot.

Zverev saved them and kept in touch, but won a forehand in Game 8 and was late 5-3, with Thiem securing the set and forcing the decision. They exchanged early breaks in the final set, and Alexander clinched another in Game 8 to build a 5-3 lead and win the trophy.

However, he put a simple volley on the net to keep Thiem alive and took another break in Game 11 after losing the ground, but he couldn’t take it home. It was Dominique’s turn to win the title, but he cracked under pressure and lost his serve to set the first ever decisive tiebreaker in the US Open men’s final!

Alexander saved two match points and leveled the score at 6-4, then dropped another point on the net, sprayed a backhand mistake with 14 points and handed the title to Thiem, painful. I experienced a defeat.

“When I reached the decisive tiebreaker, I completely knew that only a few centimeters would make the difference between my biggest win and my biggest defeat. I was 6-4. I’ve successfully built points with my first matchpoint.

If my feet were fresher, the forehand would have been in. At 6-5, I wanted Zverev’s double mistake, but it didn’t come. I didn’t want to play against 6-7 match points, so I didn’t have much left on my feet, so I put everything in 13 points.

After all, it was an incredible feeling of joy. Still, I had to think of Alexander and comfort him online after such a close encounter, “said Dominic Thiem.

– Tennis Sports

“I was hoping for Zverev’s double mistake in the US Open final.” “I was hoping for Zverev’s double mistake in the US Open final.”

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