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Ian Chapel Condemned Cricket Australia’s (CA) decision to appoint Steve Smith as deputy captain of the team prior to the five test ash series starting on December 8th in Gabber.

Ian Chapel’s comments spotlighted an episode of ball tampering during the third test against South Africa in Newlands, Cape Town in 2018.

Ian Chapel. (Photo by Ryan Pearce / Getty Images)

Ian Chapel believes Steve Smith’s crime in 2018 shouldn’t have been appointed as Deputy Captain because the Sandpaper Gate scandal was bigger.

Later, Australian skipper Steve Smith, his deputy David Warner, and teammate Cameron Bancroft were banned for various periods after the ball tampering scandal, which became known as the “sandpaper gate.” In addition to a one-year suspension, Steve Smith was also banned from leadership for two years, and then Deputy Captain David Warner was also banned for one year and a lifetime leadership ban.

“If I had been fooled as an Australian captain, they (CA) would have robbed me of my job and prevented me from continuing to play as a player,” said Ian Chappell.

“I hope Cricket Australia has a clean break, but at this point Cricket Australia wants a little more to do something right,” Ian Chappell said on Saturday at the 2GB Wide World of Sports. He spoke on sports radio.

Steve Smith (Image Credit: Twitter)
Steve Smith (Image Credit: Twitter)

“First of all, there’s the problem. Why is Steve Smith regarded as a different punishment than David Warner? In fact, I think Steve Smith’s crime was much bigger. It is incorrect for the captain to say “I don’t want to know” when is involved. The captain needs to know, he needs to know about it, and he has to do something about it.

“Steve Smith has a two-year ban from Captain and so does David Warner, or Steve Smith has a ban on life and so does Dave Warner, and so on,” said Ian Chapel. Said.

Pat Cummins was appointed as Australia’s 47th test captain and Steve Smith was appointed on his behalf before Home Ash 2021/22 starting in Brisbane on December 8th. Steve Smith has returned to his leadership role for the first time since the 2018 Sandpaper Gate. Steve Smith was the captain of Australia in 34 tests prior to 2018, leading to 18 wins, 10 losses and 6 draws.

Steve Smith, his deputy David Warner, Cameron Bancroft, in the 2018 test series, Cricket Australia for a variety of periods not more than a year due to their role in ball tampering episodes (also known as sandpaper gate scandals). Banned by (CA). South Africa.

Ian Chapel said cheating was a mistake and he had never cheated

Ian Chappell, Cricket Australia would never have forgiven him if he had committed such ill-advisedness, perhaps closing his door for the rest of his life.

“Cheating is cheating. Whether it’s big cheating or small cheating, it’s still cheating in my book. If I was fooled as an Australian captain — I made a lot of mistakes. It means you committed, but you didn’t cheat.

“And if I was fooled and did what Tim Paine did, I was hoping that Cricket Australia wouldn’t ask me to resign. They robbed me of my job and I was a player. “Ian Chappell said.

Cricket australia
Cricket australia

Steve Smith took over Michael Clarke as Australian captain in all forms in 2015. He was the captain of the team when England last toured the country for Ash.

However, his captain suddenly ended in 2018 during a ball tampering scandal in Newlands (South Africa, 2018). David Warner Banned from all cricket for one year.

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Ian Chappell accuses Cricket Australia and appoints Steve Smith as deputy captain Ian Chappell accuses Cricket Australia and appoints Steve Smith as deputy captain

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