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The IBJJF No Gi Worlds took place over the weekend in Garland, Texas, at the first major No Gi Worlds event to allow heel hooks. Until 2021, heel hooking was an illegal technique in the IBJJF ruleset. Over the last five years, heel hooks and other legged attacks have grown in popularity. Thus, the Jiu-Jitsu community gathered behind the rule changes. Multiple heel hook submissions were seen, but it was clear that top athletes evolved with changes in both offensive and defensive skills. Below are the tournament results and key points.


Light feathers – Mayssa Bastos

Feather-Tarita Allen Carr

Light – Ffion Davies

Middle-Raquel Canute

Middle Heavy – Elizabeth Clay

Heavy – Rafa Elagedes

Super Heavy-Maya Luxtodio


Ondori-Estevan Martinez

Light Feather-Carlos Oliveira

Feather-Diego Oliveira

Light – Gianni Grippo

Middle-Ugo Marquez

Middle Heavy – Jeferson Guaresi

Heavy – Pedro Marinho

Super Heavy – Devhonte Johnson

Super Heavy – Roberto Abreu

Rafaela Geddes and Meissa Bastos continue to claim control

Rafaelagedes and Meissa Bastos have won the 2021 No Gi Worlds in the WNO Championship just two weeks ago. This weekend, Rafaela entered the women’s heavyweight division, beating Elizabeth Mitrovic and Maria Marijasiak on their way to the gold medal. She also entered the openweight division where she defeated Margaret Grindatti and Maria Marijasiac before meeting Elizabeth Clay in the final. Elizabeth is known for her extremely dangerous and flexible guards. Rafaela managed to connect a series of guard passes and win the match through points.

Mayssa Bastos entered the No Gi Worlds Light Feather category in 2021 because no one was enrolled in the lower Ondori weight class. In two matches, Mayssa won two submissions. She first came to checkmat’s naked strangulation against Lavinia Barbosa. In the final, Meissa faced Aviv Jiu-Jitsu Sophia Amarante. Sophia retained herself early in the match, but Meissa eventually used her pass skills to turn to Sophia and expose her. From there, Messa fixed the hook and sank into another rear-naked choke.

Five new world champions crowned in the men’s category

In the 2021 No Gi Worlds Adult Men category, five of the eight titles were brought back by the first champion. Estevan Martinez, Carlos Oliveira, Diego Oliveira, Devhonte Johnson and Pedro Marinho all won the first No Gi World title in the black belt category. In the rooster weight class, Esteban “Giant Slayer” Martinez defeated Enrique Rossi, Lee Rosenfeld and Reuters Lima to win his first world title.

Carlos Oliveira of the GF team did not have an easy way to his first gold in Nogi World. He took the lead by beating Richard Alarcon, Edwin “Johnny” Ocasio and Paulo Miyao.

Diego Oliveira of the Cicero Costha team finished third at WNO two weeks ago and was only defeated by final champion Kade Ruotolo. At No Gi Worlds, “Pato” won three games before meeting Gabriel Sousa in the final. Gabriel also gained momentum to take part in the tournament, showing off WNO’s amazing performance and finishing second. Diego controlled the tempo of the final and won with points.

Devhonte Johnson of Unity Jiu-Jitsu joined No Gi Worlds as 2.NS Seed into stacked super heavyweight brackets. In the first match of the tournament, he faced Alliance Felipe Andrew, scoring Anaconda’s choke finish. In the semi-finals, Elliott faced Elliott Kelly and won a slight penalty. His opponent in the final was Joseph Diaxing, a leg rock expert who recorded a brutal calf crash to advance to the final. Devhonte eventually controlled the pace of the final, secured a take for sale, and then won in points.

Pedro Marinho wins double gold in rookie black belt season

Graciebach’s guillotine specialist, Pedro Marinho, has surpassed the high expectations set for the rookie black belt season. His weight class included high-ranking athletes such as Wagner Rocha, Diego Ramalho and Adam Warzinski. His run in the openweight division was not easy and many of the top athletes signed up for money. In the openweight final, Pedro repeatedly faced Nogi World Champion Roberto “Cyblog” Abreu. Pedro countered the cyborg takedown attempt with a highly sophisticated guillotine choke and eventually won unanimously.

The next major IBJJF event is the Master World, which will take place November 10-13 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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IBJJF 2021 No Gi Worlds Results and Video: Marinho Wins Double Gold in First Major Event with Heel Hook IBJJF 2021 No Gi Worlds Results and Video: Marinho Wins Double Gold in First Major Event with Heel Hook

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