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The future of Mauro Icardi’s PSG became a big question just months after the French side made a permanent transfer from Inter Milan.

Icardi was one of their best players when he was rented out at Parc des Princes, and his wonderful form allowed them to complete his transfer.

But while Moise Kean continues to find the other side of the net, he’s not starting in the best possible way this season due to concerns about his form.

Even though PSG dismisses Thomas Tuchel and Mauricio Pochettino looks like he’s on his way to the club Calcio Mercato He states that his current situation will not change automatically due to changes in management.

The report then states that he will probably head to Juventus on a loan with a purchase option.

One of the big problems with that move is that Inter Milan has amended the anti-Italian clause. If PSG sells him to the Italian side, they will have to pay an additional € 15 million.

Juventus are looking for a new striker and Icardi has proved to be a goal poacher for many years. The experience of scoring in Italy will also help Juventus.

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Icardi’s uncertain future draws him to Icardi’s uncertain future draws him to

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