Icarus Hands-on: DayZ Creator has an unfinished business in the survival genre

“I think there’s an unfinished business between me and survival games,” Dean Hall told me, looking at the really terrible, unruly wooden hut I had just built. We stood by a pristine river flowing through a forested valley, surrounded by mountains across a cloudless blue sky. This is the next survival game planet Icarus of the same name from Hall’s studio Rocketwerkz, but it looks more like Yosemite National Park than the alien world.

Rocketwerkz recently gave GameSpot the opportunity to play with Hall, the creator of DayZ, for about an hour on the initial build of Icarus. He showed off various elements of the game, including tech trees, building features, wildlife, and weather systems.

“I think there is a natural human understanding of the need to survive. I think it’s a fascinating and overlooked area,” Hall continued, explaining why he continues to pull him back into the survival genre. “I also think that many people don’t take it seriously because they don’t have the resources. This is a really serious endeavor. Long-term to have the ability to build a survival platform that we can do. It’s an attempt. Introduce different experiences while connecting you with this wide range of progress. “

The idea that Icarus can survive platform As much as survival game Probably the most fascinating thing about the project. Rocketwerkz’s approach to Icarus is based on gaming sessions, getting pages from games like Escape from Tarkov and Fortnite and putting you in a lasting world that works to survive endlessly. In Icarus, you play as a prospector who has traveled from Earth to a new world where a special substance called “exotic” has been discovered. They are very valuable, but the planet itself is hostile. Earth scientists tried to terraform it like their home planet, but exotics failed terraforming. Your job is to drop from the orbital station to the planet for a set mission in the hope of collecting resources that may enrich you-but drop in time for you to leave. If you don’t return to the pod, you’ll be left behind, which means a particular fate.

Missions are tracked by the in-game mission clock and drop you in different lengths of time, from less than an hour to a few days. And you’re stuck using whatever you can on earth to survive until it’s time to go. Since you are playing these mission sessions, Icarus matters are not permanent in most respects. However, due to its mission-based structure, Rocketwerkz was able to solve many of the problems it first saw in the survival genre when it helped popularize it on the Arma II DayZ mod, and in 2014 it introduced developer Bohemia Interactive. I’ve been watching it ever since I left. The studio was developing a standalone version of DayZ.

“Many survival games, including DayZ, really suffer from scale,” Hall explained. “So you’re building all these great things … you’re building a big castle, and the castle starts to lag, and you’re both all about technical survival in terms of performance. But moreover, the only way to get back from there is to destroy the player’s structure, so it starts to break itself, which is very negative. Therefore, do it with Icarus. The thing is, “Okay, I’m giving you this goal. Do these things. Things.” You need to build your infrastructure to support that goal. So every time you play a session, you get a new reason to build a new building. You don’t have to invent them, you don’t have to: In fact, there are important reasons to build different types of structures to support operations, such as “build the best looking ones here for installation in GameSpot, PC Gamer, etc.” character. “

The session-based nature of the game gives Rocketwerkz the opportunity to control Icarus and build its particular experience. Our practical time put us in a valley where the hall was said to be 8 km square. There, I was able to cut down all the trees, mine all the rocks, break them apart, and harvest all the bushes. Some factors are procedural at once, such as access to a particular location, such as a cave, but the rest of the map is created manually.

In reality, Icarus is very similar to other survival games, especially the first person feels like taking on something like Walheim, but in space (Hall is Walheim’s “cousin” of Icarus. He said he even feels like. A game that tackles a similar survival experience). As a prospector, you’ve exhausted most of your resources just by arriving at Icarus, so every time you fall to the planet, you’re looking for whatever you can to keep yourself alive. You can earn experience points for almost anything you do, such as cutting down trees or harvesting minerals that help oxygenate your spacesuit. This allows you to move up the Icarus tech tree and unleash your ability to make more.

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Your focus is on nourishing, hydrating, breathing and protecting yourself, as in most survival games, but at least not immediately and you don’t have to worry too much about dying. .. Cooperating players can revive you, but in my experience, they were only taken out by animals and lost consciousness for a short period of time. The true failure of Icarus remains on Earth when the mission timer expires. If that happens, you lose your character-with the skills you unlocked for them, what they built or unloaded with them, and everything they learned. together. The “planet” tech tree that you left in orbit and that you move forward by playing survives, but if your character is left in Icarus, it seems you’re starting over as another person- And that person already knew that he had to learn all of the prospectors in front of you.

The biome we walked around was a forest like the earth. It was inhabited by raccoons, deer, wolves, and bears deposited by terraformers. Armed with a bow alone, Hall and I fought a few animals while talking. After that, a powerful storm rushed in and rain and wind struck the buildings and bridges that the developers created before our session. Extreme weather tore a block of buildings and knocked down trees, and Hall said lightning strikes could even lead to forest fires.This is from Icarus, which he said several times Safest Biome.

According to Hall, Rocketwerks wanted to emphasize the feeling of being a friend of the planet, and potentially your friend. Like Walheim, Icarus attaches great importance to cooperation, and it is possible to destroy a building with a tree or cause other destruction, but at least for now, it’s all about cooperation.

“The supportive aspect of survival has been largely ignored,” Hall said. “We really wanted to liven up the drama of the world. There were storms, fires, and lots of challenges, just exploring, and just surviving.”

But that doesn’t mean that Icarus must be fully supportive, Hall said.

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“There’s nothing to prevent you from having a less cooperative game session mode,” he said. “This is a big advantage of sessioning this experience.”

The same is true for the possibility of more permanent drops, where the player may create a permanent structure. According to Hall, Rocket Werks is working closely with a group of early Icarus players to determine what the game needs and what it needs. He explained that the sessioned approach allows Icarus to offer a variety of experiences.

The individual drops are split into sessions, but the overall picture of Rocketwerkz’s game seems to take a similar approach, with Icarus releasing chapters over time. Hall explained three of those chapters. Chapter 1 is called the “First Cohort” and sends you to the forest biome as one of the first prospectors. In later chapters, you can open additional biomes and send them elsewhere.

“Second [chapter] “The New Frontier is a more dangerous place to start expanding the possibilities of aliens,” said Hall. “This is a failed terraforming experiment and fails because of these exotics that react with the released enzymes.” And the next phase begins to open up to areas that haven’t been properly terraformed, eventually ending up in a dangerous horizon, where you’ll face … well, pretty scary creatures. Let’s say a pretty crazy challenge. “

この種の一時的なアプローチは、Rocketwerkzにサバイバルゲームの中でユニークかもしれない何かをする機会を与えます:その物語を発展させます。 すでに、スタジオは8分間のドキュメンタリースタイルのビデオでイカルスの物語がどうなるかについての基礎を築きました。 イカロスに滞在してから約20年後のファーストコホートの探鉱者のグループに追いつき、ゲームの様子とプレイヤーが直面することを説明すると同時に、イカロスがどのように探索されたか、そしていくつかの陰謀についての物語を作り上げます。そこで何が起こっているのか。

「私たちには、信じられないほどの量の経験を持つ、信じられないほどのコンセプトチーム、世界構築と伝承構築の素晴らしいチームがあります」とホール氏は述べています。 「これは、本当に興味深いサバイバルメカニズムを作成するだけでなく、実際に世界を探索することにも大きな焦点を当てています。サバイバルゲームプレイをセッション化すると、これらすべての新しいシナリオを提供できるため、非常に簡単に実行できます。世界を壊さずに、その間に構築されたキャラクターを介してプレイヤーストーリーの進行を示し、モルタル結合レンガのようにそれらを結合します。つまり、絶対に宇宙全体が存在します。宇宙内のドキュメンタリーを見ると、ストーリーテリングについては、かなり積極的で野心的な計画があることは間違いありません。」

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