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New Delhi: Medium Omicron As a concern, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) has extended the recently published guidelines for international travelers to India and added a list of molecular testing units approved by the ICMR. COVID inspection With additional information for people traveling from endangered countries.

Recently published guidelines for passengers from endangered countries include mandatory on-arrival inspection, forced home quarantine for 7 days, and detection of new, and perhaps more contagious, mutant genomes. Further genomic testing of the positive samples considered was included. The countries on the list were European countries such as the United Kingdom, South Africa, Brazil, China and Hong Kong, which recently detected cases of Omicron.

What kind of RT-PCR test is approved by ICMR for the molecular test of SARS-CoV-2 at the airport?
ICMR has approved the following systems for molecular testing of SARS-CoV-2 (all of these systems are considered equivalent to RTPCR):
1. Open system RTPCR
2. TrueNat
3. GeneXpert
6. Abbott ID Now
7. Acura by Thermo Fisher
8. Rapid RTPCR
9. CoviDx DirectPlex

All laboratories conducting the test follow ICMR / MoHFW guidelines to ensure genomic sequencing of all positive cases. The airport is also instructed by MoCA to facilitate RT-PCR testing of passengers by expanding the required facilities and logistics.

Do travelers from countries that have not been Covid risk tested as part of random sampling have to wait at the airport for results to arrive?
Travelers undergoing random sampling can provide test samples and leave the airport to avoid congestion. Random sampling is limited to 2% according to the latest MoHFW guidelines and will be out-of-pocket. Airlines / airports may select randomly sampled passengers in coordination with state / UT government officials.

If a traveler from a country (excluding a country at risk) is passing through an airport in a country that is “at risk” but stays at the airport, after arrival based on a self-assessment Is the test exempt?
Post-arrival testing is exempt if a person is traveling from a non-risk country and has only transit (without leaving immigration) in the risky country before boarding the desired flight. However, if you have traveled to a country at risk in the last 14 days, post-arrival testing and other additional restrictions will apply.

Do travelers have to wait at the airport for post-arrival test results before boarding a departure or connecting flight?
Only with negative results will passengers be able to board a connecting flight to reach their final destination.

Can passengers exit in stages when they receive test results instead of waiting for the results of all passengers on the flight they have traveled?
Upon receiving a negative report, passengers can leave the airport or take a connecting flight to their final destination. He / she does not have to wait for all passenger reports.

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