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Iconic weapons are special weapons located in special locations throughout Night City. Some can only be purchased from specific vendors, while others can only be obtained through specific side quests. Some are carried by certain characters, and the only way you can get their guns is to remove them from the equation, if you know.

Below is a checklist of iconic weapons sorted by weapon acquisition method.

Iconic weapons can be found at different levels depending on progress and can be upgraded or created to a better version with two random effects, so base damage and dps may differ, but special Attributes remain. the same.
  • Symbolic weapon of the main work
  • Side job iconic weapon reward
  • Iconic Weapon Loot Drop
  • Symbolic weapons available for purchase
  • Other

Keep an eye on these weapons during the main job quest.


Rarity: rare type: Tech pistol
Explanation: Weapons that are easy to fall in love but hard to trust
Mod Slods: 0 Attachment: 2
Weapon attributes: Critical chance, damage type, and status effect applications are randomized each time you reload.
Selling price: $ 84 Main work: pick up

How to get: Chaos is a rare Tech Pistol owned by Roce, the current leader of the Maelstrom gang. You’ll have to barter with him during the pickup, but the only way to get a weapon is on his cold dead hands. That is, you must kill him during the window of opportunity during the deal or hunt him down at the end of the mission.



Rarity: rare type: Power pistol
Explanation: Iron stuffed by Yorinobu Arazaka during the troubled youth. It’s as beautiful as it is deadly.
Mod Slods: 1 Attachment: 2
Weapon attributes: You can use bounce technology even if you don’t have cyberware installed.

Reduced recoil and increased rate of fire.

Small magazine

Selling price: $ 100 Main work: robbery

How to get: Kongo is a rare power pistol that can be found during a robbery. Located on Yorinobu’s bedside table. Be sure to pick it up!

Keep an eye on these weapons during side job missions.

Dying night

Rarity: rare type: Power pistol
Explanation: It looks like it was cobbled together by a crazy DIYer, but it shoots like a dream
Mod Slods: 0 Attachment: 2
Weapon attributes: Increases headshot damage by 50% and significantly reduces reload time
Selling price: $ 25 Side business: gift

How to get: One of the first weapons you can get, at no extra charge. When you leave the apartment for the first time, go down the stairs and cross the apartment complex to find a weapons store called the Second Amendment and talk to the owner to make sure this weapon is listed for free. ..

Certain iconic weapons are outside the main or side quests and are instead found as loot from high-value targets.

Buzz saw

Rarity: rare type: Power submachine gun
Explanation: An absolute beast with a nasty bite. Do not get too close.
Mod Slods: 0 Attachment: 2
Weapon attributes: Unique mods allow you to fire highly penetrating rounds
Selling price: $ 93 Location: Watson, North Side (Organized Crime Activity)

How to get: Not physically available in the first place, but you can find the schematic to create a buzz saw by defeating the required target on the far left of the North Side of the Watson area. Find the organized crime area south of the huge hotel, take out the nominated boss leader, plunder her and make a plan.


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