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Ohio State University fans need to watch Lions carefully. Both Urban Meyer and Justin Fields could end in Detroit next season.

Urban Meyer could become one of the NFL’s most popular free agents this offseason. Lions is a team that runs as a former Ohio State University head coach. If Meyer lands in Detroit, don’t underestimate the idea that he will arrange a high-profile partnership with Justin Fields of Motor City.

Former Buckeyes prominent Chris Spielman arrives at Lions front office As the 2021 season begins, Meyer is more likely to become the team’s new head coach... Detroit isn’t the only franchise interested in pulling Meyer away from the broadcast booth, but the connection between Spillman and the renowned head coach can do things in favor of Lions.

When Meyer takes control in Detroit, one of his top priorities is to win a quarterback that can guide the team’s attacks into the future. Matthew Stafford may still be an above average starter, but the 32-year-old doesn’t fit into the team’s fighting timeline. As a team franchise signaler, it’s time to install a new young option.

Trevor Lawrence is the No. 1 consensus prospect in this year’s draft class, but Justin Fields also has a lot of fans in the NFL world. Meyer certainly knows very well what Fields can bring to the table. He didn’t teach him at Ohio State University, but his disciple Ryan Day definitely gives Meyer all the information he wants about an athletic quarterback.

Fields can influence the game with both arms and legs, making it a potential Meyer’s top choice to lead the attack. Although he is not a pure passerby like Lawrence, Fields offers superior maneuverability compared to Clemson’s prominence. Meyer may prefer Fields to Lawrence, no matter where in the draft.

If the Lions want to land Fields, they will need to trade in the draft to get his service. Detroit is currently predicting to win the top 10 selections, but Fields could easily move up to second place, depending on which franchise will eventually be in that selection.

If they believe Detroit is the right person to make Meyer’s attack work at a high level, it’s still a wise decision to move up to grab Fields. There’s nothing more important to the NFL than getting the right combination of quarterback and head coach. Lions have the potential to make significant changes in the Meyer / Fields partnership in 2021.

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If Lions hire Urban Meyer, will they trade for Justin Fields? If Lions hire Urban Meyer, will they trade for Justin Fields?

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