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No player in the history of tennis has won every Grand Slam title at least twice. The closest to achieving this result was the Big Three, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. In many cases, they entered the finals to conquer this particular record. The last thing that happened was the recent Roland Garros 2020, when Novak Djokovic lost to the “King of Clay” in the final and won 13 times at Rafael Nadal in Paris. The match is clearly dominant.

To reach this record, Rafael Nadal only misses the Australian Open, Rafa’s often struggling and now the first Grand Slam of the year to win his only title in the distant 2009. Rapha has a record of having a chance to achieve this again in 2021, but in 2009 it was a historic undertaking anyway.

In a recent interview with Marca, Russian player Andrey Rublev looks back on the historic tally of the 13 titles of Rafael Nadal’s French Open, and such records are eager for greatness to everyone else. I insisted that I was doing it. The Russians recently played Nadal at the Nitto ATP Finals in London, but lost to the Spaniards in a straight set.

Rublev about his passion for Rafael Nadal

“The thing that comes to mind is that if someone can win a Grand Slam 13 times, they must try to win at least once,” Andrey Rublev said. “I couldn’t stand the pressure (played Rafael Nadal at the ATP Finals),” he added.

“When I expressed my emotions from the beginning of the game, I knew I was over.” Despite being firmly established in the Top 10, Rublev is still among the sports elite. I feel I need to get a position. The Russian wants to maintain his ranking for several years so that he can be considered in the same breath as the other mainstays of the top.

“I feel like a top 10 guest,” Rublev said. “To really feel like one of them, I have to find consistency, which means I’ve been in that position for a few years. Thiem, Zverev or Medvedev deserved to be there. Can be said. “

Most recently, 20 Grand Slam champions have won the 2020 ATP Sportsmanship Award for his professionalism and integrity. Being the right example for the next generation has always been one of Rafael Nadal’s top priorities.

A 39-year-old Spaniard said, “I have tried to convey positive values ​​for the rest of my life. They tried to educate me to do so, and I think they are suitable for some young people. I hope it is a value that helps you grow in the way.

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“If Rafael Nadal can beat the Grand Slam 13 times …” says ATP Star “If Rafael Nadal can beat the Grand Slam 13 times …” says ATP Star

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