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Roger Federer is widely recognized as one of the best performers in attacking tennis. In the second half of his career, the former world number one further heightened his aggressive propensity to shorten the exchange period and take the net.

The Swiss phenomenon has been off the track almost a year ago, given that his last appearance dates back to the semi-finals of the Australian Open 2020 against Novak Djokovic. Due to the imperfections in his knees and the rigorous measures imposed by the Australian Government, King Roger missed his trip to Australia for the first time in the last 23 editions.

The 39-year-old from Basel is still in the top five, thanks to a new ranking system introduced to deal with pandemic consequences. The main purpose of the 20th Grand Slam champion is the Tokyo Olympics, which has been postponed for 12 months due to the Wimbledon and coronavirus emergencies.

In a recent interview with the Wide World of Sports portal, former ATP number one Jim Courier explained that Federer’s future depends heavily on his fitness.

Roger Federer Courier

“After having had two surgeries last year, everything will go down where his (Roger Federer) knees are,” Jim Courier said.

“Will his move give him the freedom to love him and play very good tennis? His racket skills are everywhere, even if he hasn’t played in tournaments since the Australian Open last year. I sincerely believe that I will not go.

It will all be summarized in his move, “Courier added. “If he can move, he will be able to play at a higher level. If his movements are restricted, he will blast and people from the court to prevent him from defending. You may have to try to blast.

The Australian Open 2021 takes only two weeks and the excitement is the highest ever. There are some strict protocols under quarantine, but players are practicing quite hard for Grand Slam. Some go out for five hours of training every day, while others turn a hotel room into a training ground.

Previously, there was a question as to whether the Australian Open 2021 would take place as planned. Recently, when three slum-related people were tested positive for a new mutant of coronavirus, some argued that the major might be postponed. However, management has decided to proceed with the slam and start on the scheduled date of February 8, 2021.

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“If Roger Federer’s movements are restricted, he may have …” says top analysts. “If Roger Federer’s movements are restricted, he may have …” says top analysts.

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