If Season 2 of the Falcon and Winter Soldier is happening, Sebastian Stan doesn’t know it yet

The MCU has won yet another winner with the recent release of the Disney + Miniseries. Falcon and Winter Soldier.. Sebastian Stan has appeared on the show as Bucky Barnes, also known as Winter Soldier, and Anthony Mackie has appeared as Sam Wilson, also known as Falcon. In an interview with Collider, Stan was asked if the show’s second season is currently planned, and the actor admitted that he had no information on the subject.

“No, we don’t [heard about a second season], And to be honest, we are not. As always, I’m not sure what the next step is. We really don’t.Maybe some people will [Robert] Downey [Jr.] I knew it before, I don’t know … I have only complete, complete gratitude for the opportunity I got [MCU showrunner Kevin Feige]..And especially that Anthony [Mackie] And now, at the show again, on my side, I’ve reinvented this character again and found new nuances about him. So to me it’s already like a victory in many ways. “

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Falcon & Winter Soldier to see Bucky and Sam Captain America is struggling to leave Steve Rogers from Persona. Sam must decide whether to accept the shield Steve gave him while suffering from financial problems. Meanwhile, Bucky is trying to find some similarities in civilian normality, even though his past as an assassin is returning to annoy him.

Fans and critics alike praise the show for spotlighting characters and events that weren’t featured in the MCU movie. Still, despite being acclaimed at the show Sebastian Stan No one at Marvel Studios takes their success for granted, and the show is designed to end with each new season, without assuming that another season is guaranteed.

“My impression is that no one is in the turmoil in the studio. They just love their work. They are always grateful. When you watch a movie, there are lots of movie endings. [are] “Well, this might be it, but if you’re lucky you might get another!” “Well, yeah, we’re Marvel, we just hit another home run. Let’s do this, which is always about accepting what the last movie is and the hope of continuing without expectation, and it’s very difficult to do that at that level. “

The second season may not be on the card, but at least fans can rest assured from Stan’s comments. Falcon & Winter Soldier Rather than ending with a cliffhanger, it provides a satisfying conclusion In anticipation of season 2..

Works by Kari Skogland Falcon and Winter Soldier Stars are Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan, Emily VanCamp, Wyatt Russell, Noah Mills, Carl Lumbly and Daniel Brühl.New episode debuts on Friday Disney +..This news is Collider..

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If Season 2 of the Falcon and Winter Soldier is happening, Sebastian Stan doesn’t know it yet

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