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We have to wait until Roger Federer is back on the field. The Swiss champion has actually decided that his return will not take place at the Australian Open starting February 8. For the first time in his career, the former world number one will miss the Melbourne tournament, where he has appeared 21 times in a row and won 6 times.

“He made progress, but after consultation with his team, he admitted that he wasn’t ready to return,” said tennis player manager Tony Godsick. Federer could probably return to Rotterdam (indoors) or Dubai (outdoors) at the end of February, a year after surgery.

Roger Federer and his former coach Stefan Edberg recently met in a video chat hosted by renowned racket maker Wilson to discuss the future of serve and volley.

Federer about the future of serve and volley

“If you don’t move forward in the end, other guys will do it and find their way, and you’ll have a hard time,” Roger Federer said.

“And in defense, you can get out of defense many times.” Roger Federer also believes it is the coach’s responsibility to instill the art of serve and volley in the ward match. “I think it’s a coach.-And I hope many coaches watching this video will actually think about how to advance players not only at baseline but also online,” Switzerland said. Added.

Roger Federer argued that it was the tournament director to secure a faster court that could benefit this style of play. “they [tournament directors] If all tournament directors want to slow it down, they forget to have a serve and volley, which has a big impact on how the game goes, “Federer added.

“If you want to play the serve and volley game again, you need to speed up the court. I think some people have done that,” Federer continued. “I hope there are more speed variations. I’m not saying I want to be faster overall, but I think there are really fast and very slow ones and I’ll see the players adapt to them.

I think it’s a beauty for all fans. The Australian Open, the first Grand Slam of the New Year, will be held a little later than the previous edition. After numerous meetings between the various authorities, the authorities will finally hold the first major main draw from February 8th to the 21st of the month.

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“If you need a serve and volley game again …” “If you need a serve and volley game again …”

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