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Just today Tweeted Explain it for some reason Kotaku Today, I was at the handle of their website, so I asked my followers for breaking AAA news and to fill the silence of the gaming world that followed Monday. It turns out that they don’t know what Triple A means, but they’re gonna share the latest indie game news from the respondents!

Esse proxy From South Games top-down cyberpunk shooter. It looks ridiculously smooth. Alien bleed And Hotline MiamiAnd gorigori splendidly. It’s scheduled for later this year and was created by just one stupid guy.

Deepest chamber A deck-building roguelike that looks like it’s set in an underground dungeon. Legendary grimlockThe trailer’s live play of about 3.2 seconds looks refreshing! A demo is scheduled for June 16th.

Zodiac Legion Is X-COMA tactical weapon inspired by medieval settings. It has been in development for over 7 years and its first trailer will be released next week. Guerrilla Group Online Game FestivalHowever, there is a short gif below that you can see the wall exploding.

Story X-COM, SaRaves of Magic Claims to be a tactical turn-based fantasy RPG, inspired by both. X-COM And Guild war, It’s certainly two games I’ve never heard of. It is currently in alpha and will be released later next year.

Jupiter Moons: Mecha Is another roguelike deck builder, but this time it’s set in the outer space. With mecha! I really like the cartoon style here and it looks a lot more complicated than a standard deck builder.stock Tetris And all. Its release date is “Before the next Jupiter year”. That is, anytime in the next 11.86 Earth year.

Guardian of the Grid Veil Is said to be a tactical turn-based RPG with “timing mechanics in which the enemy pre-moves”. Those types. I’m aiming for PCs, consoles, and phones, but that’s not everyone. The author brilliantly quotes his words, saying, “I’m shooting a trio of Bleach, Fire Emblem, and Paper Mario, who are doing 3P with XCOM sitting next to the bed with a camera.” I don’t want to draw such a thing. Don’t make me

GIF:: Sinister Siam Studio

External phobia It is “Retro FPS Metroidvania”. Yes, please. And oh, look at those chunky pixels! It’s coming to consoles as well as PCs. It looks like all products except PS5.Oh, there is demo!!

Retro FPS reminds me. Game jam playing on Itch right now Performed by E1M1 magazine. Specializing in retro and retro shooters, does this magazine ask people to use ray tracing to create 5 levels of retro-style FPS games? [checks] Yes, with ray tracing.All games must be created using Raycasting Game Maker, No commercial assets, entry must be submitted by June 3rd.You can play the current entry Here(Not all of them are completely safe to work with …) It was MK Schmidt’s entry that noticed this. Necromancer catacombs, It doesn’t look a little scarier than the others.

on the other hand, Fuzz Force: Spook Squad This time, we are another deck builder set in the “world of eerie board games”. The dice roll like in-game physics, and the whole thing looks like a complete mess. This is not covered by Early Access next week!

Skeleton crew It’s a 2D platformer (not a deck-building roguelike or tactical RPG!) And can be played solo or in co-op with up to 4 players. The following trailer animation cutscenes BestAnd the in-game footage looks great bloody.

And finally, today / tonight is your last chance to play for free. Chivalry 2 Open beta on both PC and console. It seems to end tomorrow at 11:00 EST. The game itself will be released on PC, Xbox and PlayStation on June 8th.

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