IGDA Foundation Launches $ 300,000 Diverse Game Developer Fund

The IGDA Foundation, a charity of the International Game Developers Association, has worked with Grant for the Web to launch a $ 300,000 fund aimed at empowering developers and students left out of society.

This is a multi-faceted program. The DiverseGameDevelopersFund aims to support game developers and students with funding and scholarships, but also encourages developers to explore different in-game monetization methods built with the funding. I want to

According to the IGDA Foundation’s application, diverse developers around the world are funding prototypes that seek globally applicable monetization, rather than “traditional models of revenue generation built by Westerners,” according to a press release. You are eligible for up to $ 25,000 to offer. audience. ”

Organizers will use at least $ 200,000 in initiative funding for this goal, an additional $ 50,000 for academic scholarships for students with a background left out of society, and the remaining money for future game jams. I hope to use it for the prize money.

A “steering committee” consisting of 12 industry experts, including Vlambeer co-founder Rami Ismail, Game Jolt CEO and co-founder Yaprak DeCarmine, and former Microsoft Game Publishing VP Ed Fries, has been set up to fund the fund. Supervise and pay for these three areas.

“Both Grant for the Web and the IGDA Foundation aim to empower developers and users in the field of technology,” reads a statement by Nika Nour, executive director of IGDA-F. “In a world where traditional investment funding is not equally available to everyone, this initiative supports marginalized game developers around the world, while providing alternatives that they may not have considered. You can educate your community about monetization models. “

Learn more about how to fund your prototype or apply for an academic scholarship. Details of the game jam will be announced at a later date, according to the IGDA Foundation.

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