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IGL stock: As Sensex rises, IGL stocks rise 1.08%

Share price of Indraprastha Gas Ltd. rose 1.08% at Rs 497.1 on Tuesday at 12:38 pm (IST). BSE standard Sensex I got 981.57 points and became 57728.71. The scrip ended at Rs 491.8 in the previous session.

Stock prices quoted the 52-week highs and 52-week lows of 604.0 rupees and 451.6 rupees, respectively.

According to BSE data, the total trading volume at the counter up to 12:38 PM (IST) was 12:38 PM shares and the sales were Rs 1.29.

At current prices, exchange data shows that the company’s shares are trading at Rs 20.76 per share, 23.96 times the profit per share over the last 12 months and 5.64 times the price-to-book value ratio.

A high rate of return on stock prices indicates that investors are willing to pay higher stock prices than they are today for future growth expectations. The price-to-book value ratio is a measure of the inherent value of a company and the price that an investor is ready to pay even if the business is not growing.

The beta value of the stock that measures its volatility in relation to the wider market was 1.0.

Details of shareholding

The promoter held a 45.0% stake in the company as of September 30, 2021, with FII owning 21.88% and DII holding 16.06%.

IGL stock: As Sensex rises, IGL stocks rise 1.08% IGL stock: As Sensex rises, IGL stocks rise 1.08%

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