IGN Prime Free Game: Biting a Bullet

IGN Prime has partnered with developer MegaCat Studios to provide all IGN Prime members with a free steam key for Bite the Bullet.

Run through this roguelike RPG shooter, shoot guns and eat. In a world where all enemies can eat, what you eat and how much you eat drives everything from the waistline to the branching of skill trees to the creation of weapons. Shoot fast. Eat big. Satisfy the desire for destruction.

Satisfy your desire for destruction in this roguelike RPG shooter that you need to eat to enhance your characters, weapons and abilities. Consume weird seeds and add new entries to Darwin Corp’s mysterious outline. Explore the four branching skill trees based on your diet-remember, you’re what you eat!

  • 4 character classes
  • Over 60 Metroidvania levels
  • Guncraft
  • Over 40 edible enemies
  • Unauthorized enemy class
  • Action hero bandana system
  • Deep quest
  • Critter Cannon
  • Weapon modifier drop
  • Dynamic calorie system

For IGN Prime members click here Get a key available on Steam and get a completely free copy of the game. Keys are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

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