Illusion Connect tournament events include special items, new partners and more

Illusion Connect, Superprism’s gorgeous girl RPG, will celebrate its first big event just weeks after its global appearance on Google Play and the App Store.

The event takes the form of Tony and begins on November 21st. Through the tournament, you can enter the limited-time dungeon of Marshall Tea. You can then redeem it for a special item at the event shop.

What’s more, there’s a contest mode to support your favorite partners and guilds fighting for special reward items.

Set in the game Bloom Sea City, this tournament event welcomes two new partners, Min and Brooke.

Akira is a humanitarian and a “self-trained doctor.” For many, the phrase “self-trainer doctor” sounds a warning, but of course, unless you’re one of her enemies, there’s nothing to fear Min.

An unfortunate NPC who finds himself standing on the other side of Min on the battlefield can die either by being hit in a medical box or by a trusted ferret yam. ..

Partners, on the other hand, can also use a medical box to heal and benefit from Ming’s medical expertise.

Ming was joined by Brooke, an exclusive doctor of the Hua Hua family and an elegant woman raised by an Old Man of the Sea to be a reverent and strict vassal of the Hua Hua family.

Brooke leans forward like a peace-loving soul, but can be defeated if needed. Her weapon is a very sharp long ax that can crack metal like butter while swaying in the voice of a crane.

Healing Brook instantly unloads her ultimate skills, giving her a chance to fatally injure her enemies.

To attend the Illusion Connect Tourney event, visit the Google Play Store or App Store and download now.

Illusion Connect’s Tourney Event Features Special Items, New Partners, and More

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