I’m 10 amazing behind-the-scenes secrets of celebrities

Every reality show has a behind-the-scenes crew that handles all back-end issues. The entire setup is in their hands. What you see is only half of the total work. I’m a celebrity … take me out of here. It has become very famous among the audience.

The behind-the-scenes crew is working very hard to provide entertainment to fans of this reality show. There is a behind-the-scenes trivia quiz that fans want to know at every show. Similarly, the following are the most amazing behind-the-scenes secrets that I am a celebrity.

Stand-in rehearsal before filming the program

The substitute must perform proper rehearsals at the campsite for three days each year. Given the situation in this show, they can turn out to be dangerous. At trial, Australian sectors also test the scene before filming.

Creepy crawls are generated by the well-established bug factory

Usually, in every episode I’m a celebrity, you can see creepy crawling and some kinds of insects. These insects are produced in specific factories created by show makers to prevent accidents.

Camp uniform is red for a reason

You can see that celebrities are wearing red uniforms throughout the show. If blood stains from insect bites adhere to your clothes during the Bush Tucker trial, you can hide them. Uniforms can also be customized, but they require strict regulations.

Campmates can’t get food from staff

Staff may not provide food to campmates except as stated in the rulebook. At many shows, you can see staff smuggling food, but that’s not the case. I am a celebrity

Artificial sets are used in most parts of the campsite

The crew will need to build the entire set and clean the land to ensure the safety of the celebrities. The rocks and forests of the jungle set are all fake. Even the famous waterfalls in the campsite are not real.

Bush tucker trial is filmed only once

The audience loves the infamous Bush Tucker trial. But you will be shocked to find that they have been filmed only once.Viewers vote for these trials Betway, And selected celebrities loved by the audience are selected to determine the final ranking.

DVD to celebrities before the show

All celebrities know what they have signed up for, as they will be given a DVD of the show. This helps them prepare the content of the show.

The crocodile’s mouth is closed during the trial

It’s a terrifying moment that campmates have to deal with crocodiles in court, but their mouths are closed to prevent any misfortune.

Firewood is pre-chopped.Ready to light up

Firewood may appear to be chopped by celebrities, but in reality, these materials are already chopped and provided to them in the game.

Campsite insects are wiped out before celebrities arrive

When the show begins, the campsite where the show is filmed is carefully cleaned to keep out bugs and harm celebrities.

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10 Amazing Backstage Secrets Of I’m A Celebrity

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