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Julianna Peña I was very proud of her ability to overcome adversity and fight Sara McMann
UFC 257

“Venezuela Vixen” spent most of the first round on his back and was defeated again in Round 2, but Pena was able to stay active from his back with his submissions before returning to his feet, the Olympic silver. Attacked the medalist. Knees and punches. The momentum was brought to the final stanza when Pena landed his takedown, moved to McMan’s back and secured a rear-naked choke at 3:39.

“The most important thing is to keep moving and fight no matter what. Don’t get stuck or lie on your back,” Pena said. “I’m always fighting, focusing on every position I’m in, and being in every position I’m in. I know I can carry my submissions and threaten them even if I’m lying on my back. I can still throw strikes as long as I keep moving throughout the fight, that’s all I care about.

“Of course, there were times when I thought it wasn’t easy to take down because it spread harder, but I think it will come over time,” Pena continued. “I think that’s the most important thing as long as you can be cool, calm and get together there. Don’t lose your mind, don’t end at that moment, just be at the moment, that’s what I focus on. I guessed. “

The victory allowed the winner of “Ultimate Fighter 18” to rebound from the loss of submissions. Germaine de Randummy In her lonely appearance in 2020.Overall, Pena is 6-2 in the UFC match, and her only other defeat is in the hands of the current flyweight queen. Valentina Shevchenko..

“You always learn from your losses, but Germain was in the past,” Pena said. “All these battles are a thing of the past. I’m thinking of moving forward, and Sarah was my opponent. I was thinking. Sara McMann
only.Now I can go ahead and think about the next person, but what I think makes sense to me Amanda Nunes.. “

Featherweight and bantamweight UFC dominant champion Nunez will defend her £ 145 belt
Megan Anderson At UFC 259 on March 6, “Liones” finally won the £ 135 title against Delandummy at UFC 245. There she won the unanimous decision.

Pena believes her resume deserves a title shot and her skill set can cause some problems for Nunez.

“I stopped fighting three former world champions in a row, then I beat the best wrestler in the category, and Amanda can’t fight the wrestler,” Pena said. “When I saw her fight
Cat Zingano, She fell apart and stopped in the second round.

“I’m a nightmare in this category. I’m out of catastrophic wins, rear-naked choke, submission wins, and suspensions. I think that’s enough to fight Amanda, especially she has three wins. I’m fighting a girl who has only one and a girl who doesn’t have any resume I had. I’ve been on the toughest path in this department. “

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“I’m a nightmare in this department” “I’m a nightmare in this department”

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