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Bungie responded to Destiny 2’s amazing 12-player raid glitch and instructed players to enjoy it for the rest of their time.

Community chief Chris’Cozmo’Shannon wrote on that the developers haven’t rushed to fix the bugs Destiny 2 players have been enjoying for the past few weeks.

Destiny raids are usually limited to 6 players and are actually designed for 6 players, but can also be played with fewer Guardians.

The following YouTuber Scrub video details how to activate glitches. When the activation timer reaches 2 seconds, the second 6 fire team leaders join the party. The timing is tight, but the glitch works well enough to fuel Shenanigan in the Destiny raid.

As part of that, Bungie said he looked calm about what was happening in the game and wasn’t in a hurry to fix it.

“A big topic in the community this week was finding a way for players to pack four fire teams in a one-targeted activity,” Cozmo said.

“We’ve seen the raid hype by 12 players and I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m not going to fix this in a hurry. If you want to give it a try and have fun, it’s perfectly fine. Leave it alone. Please remember that you didn’t create these activities in the hope that the Guardian clown’s car would roll up, so weird things can happen. “

A fix is ​​planned before the Grandmaster Nightfall begins on March 16th, but “you are free to have a party until the fix is ​​released,” Cozmo added.

This is a welcome approach from Bungie, and even if the player has a lot of fun, it may be possible to quickly fix a Destiny issue. This approach is reminiscent of an overwhelmingly broken Prometheus lens. I found this to help make Destiny 2 fun again when I was having a hard time.


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