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Diego Sanchez received a great deal of support while he was hospitalized at COVID.

UFC Hall of Fame Diego Sanchez He has been hospitalized and treated for serious symptoms of COVID-19.

Sanchez provided the latest information on his condition via social media on Saturday.First season winner NS Ultimate Fighter Almost a month ago I started suffering from symptoms. He was treated with Regeneron monoclonal antibody and his symptoms improved immediately.

But his improved condition was short-lived. His oxygen levels have dropped. He developed pneumonia and blood clots in both legs.

During hospitalization, Sanchez received “moving” support.

“I’m still in the hospital on the 27th day and I’m fighting this pneumonia and blood clots. Thank you for your prayer world,” Sanchez posted on Twitter.

“I have to read thousands of prayer messages while I’m in the hospital again! It’s so exciting! I hold me in my heart to the church, my family, and many wonderful people and father it. I’ll have God take it with me. “

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Sanchez has not been vaccinated. In a previous post on social media, “The Nightmare” stated that he wasn’t “sold at vax.” He defended his vaccination stance on Saturday, but also said he was not an “anti-vaccinated person.”

“I’m not the shit of Antivaxxer !! I’m just waiting for the best to arrive, the technology is just moving at the speed of light,” Sanchez tweeted.

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“I’m not an Antivaxxer shit !!” “I’m not an Antivaxxer shit !!”

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