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Former UFC lightweight candidate Paul Felder has dismissed the idea of ​​confronting YouTuber inside a square circle.

Felder closed a book on his career in the Octagon earlier this year, after nearly a decade as an active fighter.At that time, the “Irish Dragon” experienced the glory of the championship under the CFFC flag and defeated something like the current UFC lightweight champion Stevie Ray. Charles Oliveira, James Big, and Edson Balboza, And earned 6 post-battle bonuses on MMA’s biggest stage.

After the title is late Defeated in a five-round war with Dan Hooker Last February, Felder competed again with a sudden notice from the previous champion. Rafaeldos Anjos.. Despite a week of preparation, the 37-year-old boy finished all five rounds with Brazilians and eventually fell short of the judge’s scorecard.he Officially announced his retirement UFC Vegas 27 is on air in May.

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I only wore gloves half a year ago, but since then there has been talk of Felder’s return. Rumors of a comeback spread when Philadelphia admitted that he had missed a “tremendous” competition while casting an episode. Dana WhiteContender series..

in the meantime Recent appearances on MMA Junky Radio, Felder revealed There are two scenarios where you can see him re-enter the cage..Even if Money fight with Conor McGregor, Color commentator said the Wells Fargo card featuring Philadelphia athletes in the promotion could pull him back. But one of the suggestions that certainly doesn’t convince him to take action is the clash with YouTuber.

In an ongoing trend, celebrities and internet stars are challenging martial arts athletes in the boxing ring.Even if Logan Paul vs Floyd MayweatherI also saw the previous UFC welterweight Ben Askren When Tyron Woodley challenges Jake Paul in a square circle..

Despite the huge wallet available, Felder argued that he would never indulge in the trend. “The Irish Dragon” claimed that there was no amount to convince him to fight YouTuber.

“No, no. At least MMA has the Diaz brothers, especially the recent Nate and Connor, and I have a money fight that I like. No matter how much YouTuber pays, I’m not going to fight YouTuber. For that reason, you’re just advertising the wrong thing. “

However, Felder admitted that his thinking came primarily from the gig as a UFC color commentator and analyst. The 37-year-old said he could be in a different position if he wasn’t pursuing his role as a broadcaster.

“Am I interested in it? Do I see all the junk? Yeah, of course. I support all of them. Tyron (Woodley) wants to do it and go make money But that’s not where I am. Like someone doing the job doing it more full-time (on a base), not as a broadcaster.

“Tyrone did that, but it’s a bit less than I’m coloring regularly. If I didn’t have my job, I might be in a different position, but I’m. I love my job. I’m trying to keep my job going. No, there’s no YouTube fight. “

Do you think Paul Felder will perform better for YouTube sensations? Jake Paul Than Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley?

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I’m not going to fight YouTuber it doesn’t matter how much they paid me I’m not going to fight YouTuber it doesn’t matter how much they paid me

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