I’m sorry, Chag Jug Song

I am in charge of the website this weekend. To Pretend to be C and spread my suffering to youOn tent.. I feel bad.

I’m sure you know “Chug Jug with You”. Fortnite-theme A parody of Esther and Kanye West “American Boy.” Somehow You are not, or you just want to hear the damn thing again, It’s here:

The above version is from 2018, but thanks to that the song lived a new life a few months ago Virus spread on TikTok, I’m too old to know how to use it, but I enjoy laughing at what I come across in my Twitter feed.. It looks like the moments of the song come and go again, but is it really gone?


this Special interest in “Chug Jug With You” began this morning when I made a mistake scrolling on Facebook. A friend posted a rare message, “Now, just 10 people have been killed on the board and the town of Tomato has been wiped out.” I’m playing Fortnite? !!I started Excited to comment — KotakuResidents of Fortnite Man, I spend a lot of time getting my friends to play Fortnite Wisely, with me, they rarely do so.

But as I typed,I thought Wait, is Tomato Town still in the game? This is when it hit me with a bone-shaking force: my friend was writing a snatch of lyrics from “Chag Jug With You” From there it was all downhill.

TThe hinge went as you expected: I remember how strange and not funny it is, but it’s actually funny-oh-no-it-it’s actually funny-it-it-wait-no-it’s not Incorrect The song is so, so when I looked it up on YouTube, my friends vtuber cover So I saw it, And now the song is Break your head with an unstoppable loop.I then thought because my brain is independently invested in making my soul unhappy I wonder if I can learn how to play this song on the guitar.. When I looked up the code for “American Boy”, I was happy to know all the codes I knew. TChicken me Search YouTube of “Chag Jug Song Acoustic Guitar”.Of course, YouTube is full Guitar lesson For the song, and for TikTok duet When John mayer Covers it (remember John Mayer ?!). so of course I had to make some detours to remember John Mayer and check them all before getting back on track, And now it’s hard to write this blog I keep typing Words for “Chug Jug With You” Instead of what I’m trying to say.

Thankfully-Slash-Aras,you can not Learn to play “Chug Jug With You” on your guitar now.I scraped the nut (that’s what it’s called, b let’sMature here) Around my guitar High E stringSo now the chords played on the first fret sound like shit. A A friend offered to fix it For me, if I could have thought it would be an easy task to measure the nuts and buy a new one. However, none of the measurements I get with the tape measure seem to match what I can buy. Therefore, I have postponed the work until I know whether I am not good at measurement or my own measurement. The guitar is strange.You can play the guitar with the capo, but you can’t play “Chag Jug With You” I need a capo, I can use it anyway, but it doesn’t sound the same, and then I wonder if it sounds strange for a capo, or on the surface it’s all to suck the guitar too much Hang up I’ve been playing for a long time.

(if You are You can cover “Chug Jug With You” with the selected instrument. Please share in the comments. )

This guitar-related digression is exactly what’s wrong, but it’s also great for things like “Chug Jug With You”.Not just the random flash points of friends’ Facebook posts are back A song in my head that sent me to a rabbit hole on a YouTube musician and a Twitter meme Studying the guitar and thinking about my life itself, Open my unconnected facets Nevertheless, the world connected by “Chug Jug With You”. The song is packed a lot-Too many Fortnite Landmark, generally too many words— Almost anything You can always remind it.Articles about that TikTok spread and that TikTok spread may have stopped, but it’s always lurking there and ready to jump into your gray matter..

In addition, let’s admit it. This is the perfect time in world history for “Chug Jug With You”, or at least for my world experience. The pandemic blockade ruined my brain and made persistent tasks like reading and writing difficult or impossible. Recently, when I’m not working, I watch TV shows that I’ve watched millions of times again. Probably on the 5th tour. Bojack Horseman— My brain can barely connect complex thoughts, and my emotions can’t handle media that doesn’t know what’s going to happen next.Harmless and familiar The catchiness of “Chug Jug With You” gives me a sense of security in an unknown world. things Always waiting to blind me with their horror..IThe ridiculous meme spread of ts makes it cheerful in its hingeless location Nonsense Much better Things on the internet Now i’m spending all my conscious time So I was trapped inside.When you can Meet others again, I’m sure someone will say something randomly, and I’ll be helpless Blurred lyrics of “Chug Jug With You”Like Twitter’s trend sidebar My brain has become. And maybe eEveryone laughs And, I Be quiet and think about everything different Toll fee This time we take on us who survived it and are thinking about something incredible A ridiculous person like “ChugJugWithYou” might have helped I Remind me not only through it The amount that everyone has At the expense of this squeaky voice plea for friendship and adventure, maybe-Serious But in reality Many of us have been hoping for the past year.

Anyway, enjoy the song.

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