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“I’m tired of being the only person with moral values.”: My mother put me on the certificate of her house.Now my brother wants half

My brother and I lost our parents 2019 months apart. My stepfather died and his inheritance was left to our mother. My brother helped pay for my stepfather’s service and was repaid when my mother took the inheritance of our stepfather.

My brother rebuilt his parents’ house while his mother was still alive. My brother was given some ties by our mother for remodeling supplies and his labor. He sold some of our stepfather’s belongings and saved his money. Our mother said it was okay, and so was I.

My mother’s illness got worse. I’m single, so when her health deteriorated, I left the apartment and became her caretaker. My brother is married. He took care of our mother while I was working during the day. I will take over the rest of the night.

Before our mother died, she gave me a home certificate and she also added me to all her bank accounts. My brother was there and said nothing. We took turns taking her to the doctor, and he never mentioned splitting the house, or what it would be like after our mother died.

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I asked my brother several times if he wanted a house, but each time he said no. The house is free and clear and I don’t have a mortgage. I had previously offered him to give up, sell or rent a house, but my brother said no to all these options. After my mother died, I removed her name from the certificate, but now the certificate is just my name.

Time has passed. I settled down at home, and now my brother sells it to me and gives him half the value, or borrows a loan for half the house and gives him it, or my roommate Wants to give him half of what he gives me for rent. He said things weren’t fair. My brother said I had no invoices or mortgages and had to pay $ 2,000 a month at home.

All the money left from our mother’s property was returned home. I gave my brother $ 10,000. I also shared my mom’s life insurance with him and gave him a little. If he wanted a house and money, he was there throughout the process when our mother did the paperwork. I would like to know if it is legally required to sell the house left to me to satisfy my brother. Can he take me to court for half the time?


Tired of being the only person to live with moral values

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Dear tired,

You are 100% sure you are right. Something else that contradicts it seems to be a morally questionable stance.

Your brother may have experienced many emotions while your mother was ill, and for better or for worse, you sound like a very single-minded personality. He could have thought, “If it makes so much sense to her, give her it.” Or, “I can’t deal with this right now.” Or “That’s another example of how our mother is showing incentives.” Or “How can I confront my sister? What is she doing?” If you want, there’s little anyone can do about it. No one can get in the way of her. “

You come from the unwavering position that it’s okay for your sick and / or dying mother who relied on you to take care of you to sign you her share of the house-and you Well, if his brother wanted to do something, he had a chance. Not everyone has such a strong will, nor is they chasing what they want. Not everyone thinks clearly when they are saddened by the death of one parent and faced by the death of another.

Are you legally required? There is no guarantee that he will succeed, but he can challenge you in court. Are you morally obligatory? With everything in mind, I believe you should share half of your home.

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I have some questions for you: why don’t you share a house? Why are you entitled to your mother’s home, and why are your siblings not entitled to his share of the property of your family? Did he have a chance to disagree with your mother’s decision that you should give up her share? He had the opportunity to say “Yay” or “Yay” and was unlucky, so he ran out of time and sold some of his stepfather’s belongings. If I can do that, can I get a house?

Whatever a car or watch, or whatever he sells, doesn’t mean you can leave with a lot of cars. It’s a sharp habit. This is not a “winner takes everything” game show.

This is a family home. It’s time to consider sitting with your brother or lawyer and also your own moral position on this issue.

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“I’m tired of being the only person with moral values.”: My mother put me on the certificate of her house.Now my brother wants half “I’m tired of being the only person with moral values.”: My mother put me on the certificate of her house.Now my brother wants half

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