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“I actually started crying. To avoid comparison with his father, we tried to bring him closer to another sport. It would have been much easier.” These were the mother’s It was a word used by Patricia Leo Borg He revealed to his family that he wanted to be a tennis player.

Despite his parents’ desire to turn him to another destination, Leo Borg continued his path, and when they spoke to him about the pressure, he replied briefly: “It’s Don’t bother me, it doesn’t matter.

I always knew who my father was. Yes, his own father, Bjorn Borg, A man who revolutionized the game of tennis and won 11 Grand Slam tournaments.

Bjorn Borg commented on young Leo’s ATP debut

Leo Borg participated in several Challenger events between 2020 and 2021, but failed to win the set despite the dedication and dedication associated with his match.

Thus, at the age of 18, he decided to gain experience in the most important junior tournaments, where he achieved good results. Thanks to a wildcard from the organizers of the ATP 250 tournament in Stockholm this week, Little Borg had a chance to make his debut on the major circuit.

Leo Borg gave the current world number 52 Tommy Paul the honor (4-6, 2-6). This performance also hit Papa Bjorn. In fact, a former Swedish tennis star told “I’m very proud of my son. It’s not easy to play here for the first time. If you’re lucky, I hope you can play longer.

I think he played a really good game. It was certainly a great experience for him as he faced the top 60. Prior to the match in Stockholm, Leoborg again qualified for the ATP tournament in Marbella and Bastard through wildcards. It stopped at the first obstacle.

– Tennis Sports

“I’m very proud of my son.” “I’m very proud of my son.”

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