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January 15, 2022-11:02 am

Antonio Cassano accused Juventus of trying to win Supercoppa Italiana in the middle of the week, claiming that Inter Milan deserved a victory to “play football.”

After admitting Alexis Sanchez’s 120-minute strike, the final kick in overtime, the old lady was finally defeated, but nevertheless, the day was certainly the second best.

The attack wasn’t as intense as a rival who couldn’t underestimate the quality given the recent season, but I think it’s unfair to claim that he didn’t try to play the ball and didn’t intend to defend the whole game. I believe it worked either way.

Cassano seemed to imply that we deserved to lose for performance, and that we did not make an effort to attack. I believe this is not entirely true.

“I heard from Allegri and some of the players he taught me that Juventus had a good match against Inter,” former Real Madrid and Italian forwards told Bobo ( TuttoJuve). “If defending 120 means playing a good game, I really don’t understand anything. Playing football was what Inter did, and it was rewarding and worthy of victory. I don’t think Juventus can continue to play this way. If you’re really sure they’re playing well, that’s a concern. “

We know that Antonio is not a fan of our club and always has a prejudice against us when we talk about football. This is no exception. Yes, Inter Milan was good and had the fewest personnel issues, but we went there and made it an interesting match. We had plenty of our chances and gave Nerazzurri a fight, and it was a bit unlucky to lose our way.

Is it wrong to believe that I tried to bring the game to Intel without the key?


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“I’m worried”-Juventus tried a former international slum at “I’m worried”-Juventus tried a former international slum at

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