Image quality, performance analysis, etc. of Marvel’s Avengers on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S

For some time, I’ve said that pixel counts are less relevant in the “post-resolution era.” Marvel’s Avengers on the Xbox Series X when compared to the PlayStation 5 certainly proves that point. Besides checkerboard and native resolution rendering, there are many other factors that affect a particular game’s presentation besides the number of pixels. Alex has a complete story.

-Both PS5 and Series X target 4k.
-PS5 is checkerboard rendering, but Series X is native.
-Both continue to use dynamic resolution scaling.
-Thanks to the checkerboard solution, the PS5 UI can be extended to fit the resolution.
-PS5 has a post-processing element that works at a much lower resolution.
-Overall, PlayStation 5 in performance mode has more obvious image quality concessions that become more apparent as the effect scales up.
-The difference between how resolutions are configured and how post-processing is delivered makes the game clearer in Performance Mode Series X.
-PlayStation 5 can hold 60fps a little tighter than the Xbox console during heavy destruction.
-A load segment that took more than a minute on the PS4 Pro will be resolved in 4 seconds on the PlayStation 5 and will rise to about 6 seconds on the Series X.

Series S:
-Quality mode is 1440p / 30fps lock. It lacks some visual features compared to the PS5 and Series X.
-Performance modes vary between 720 to 1080p / 60fps. Further visual reduction.

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