Imagine a visual novel JRPG among us, and you got GNOSIA

That news Inside We Today’s Switch launch has sent a shock wave to the world of Nintendo. After all, this is one of the biggest games right now. However, another game featured in today’s indie world presentation evokes a similar mood. Also It’s about trying to find out who the bad guys are trapped in a ship, but that’s where the similarities end.

Gnosia It’s not a shameless cash-in. Despite sharing the same assumptions as “Among Us”, it was released on PlayStation Vita in Japan in 2019. It was ported to Switch in Japan earlier this year and localized west earlier next year.

The game is very similar to a visual novel RPG with many dialogue sequences, but the goal here is to find out who the ship’s crew is Gnosia. This is an evil creature that can impersonate a human being. Every night, Gnosia-if not found-kills another member of the crew.

Players must chat with other characters to unmask Gnosia. As with Among Us, the ship’s crew regularly votes on who they think is Gnocia, and the ship with the most votes goes into cryosleep. If you succeed in putting all the installed Gnosia to sleep (yes, there may be more than one), you win the game.

Sounds simple, but the fact that the games run in a time loop means that the two games will never be the same. In fact, you could cast yourself as Gnosia.

Gnocia will appear on Switch in early 2021.

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