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Immortals Fenyx Rising is an exciting new action exploration adventure by Ubisoft. With clear inspiration from the Breath of the Wild, Ubisoft wants to combine the most adventurous and rewarding open-world exploration of Link with the more structured progression of top RPG titles. The spectacular debut of Genshin Impact shows that the gaming community is still very much in love with exploration-based RPGs, and Immortals Fenyx Rising is hitting the shelves at the right time for this genre.

Immortals Phoenix Sizing Review

Immortal Phoenix Slying is set in the magnificent Golden Isles, the mythical land of ancient Greece where gods, humans and mythical creatures roam the fields and dominate the highest peaks. The story begins with a simple and effective character creation suite that allows you to change the gender of the main hero Phoenix and other minor appearance options before embarking on an adventure to save the Olympus gods.

Tired of the greed, jealousy, cheating and murder of the Olympus gods, Typhon, one of the most powerful giants in existence, is from a mountain prison placed after a spectacular battle with the rulers of the universe. Will be released. The mighty Zeus.

Tired of selfish and warlike humans, Zeus turned them all into stone, trying to start anew with the creation of mankind. This angered and split the other gods, giving Typhon a great opportunity to return to the surface, separating the gods one by one from the soul-like power known as the Essence.

One person with a low shield survives while the people of the mortal realm face forever trapped in stone: Fenyx. Wrecked in the Golden Isles, away from the crew and legendary warrior brother Rigiron, Phoenix embarks on a journey to restore peace to the Golden Isles and return the once powerful gods to their true self.

At first glance, the story can look pretty serious for this game of visual design and creative nature. It has dark moments, but often takes it easy to see the darker and more sinister aspects of Greek mythology. Zeus, the Almighty Leader of all gods, is often portrayed in many media in almost paragon of virtue style. But in reality, he tricked his wife more than humans could count, killed the mortal, designed the entire Pandora’s Box blunder, and accused Prometheus of a life of torture. did. Needless to say, this is a very simple breakdown.

Immortals Fenyx Rising is pleased to dive into Greek mythology and the more sneaky aspects of mythology, but it keeps the story light and entertaining throughout, with a cheesy smile. Text and character design are not attractive to everyone. Zeus comes across as a slightly headless mass of muscle, and most other gods have almost caricature designs. Throughout the story, Zeus and Prometheus provide narration about the story. This can give you deeper insights into certain aspects of Greek mythology, or it can be comical back and forth in the battle between ego and wisdom. The heartwarming nature of the story isn’t appealing to anyone, but it was a really fun time to witness it back and forth between the most iconic Greek gods.

Within minutes of starting Fenyx’s adventure, it’s very clear that this is another Ubisoft game. Fans of Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry and Watch Dogs will soon recognize the core mechanics of all these franchise games and take pride in becoming the current center stage. The tower mechanic is still working (albeit in small numbers) with the same map mechanic and reward system. It’s all very well known, but unlike other Ubisoft hit games, it feels completely out of place.

Breath of the Wild, and more recently Genshin Impact, captured the beauty of exploration. This has been put off in many games today as developers try to push players into a straight path and set goals. Whether you’re climbing a random cliff to find a named enemy or hidden breast, or diving deep into the lake to find a lost helmet, you’ll find spectacular wonders, 15 minutes. It’s a real expedition that can even climb cliffs. I can’t find anything.

Immortals Fenyx Rising does not have the same affection and emotion when exploring the otherwise gorgeous gaming world. Ubisoft has set back a bit, but it’s not enough for this style of game. Climbing the first tower, the giant statue of Aphrodite, quickly tired of the idea of ​​climbing more towers in yet another Ubisoft game. With only a handful, I’ve gotten rid of my fatigue over time, but unfortunately Scouts have been introduced.

Whenever you reach a new tower to climb, it is advisable to use the Farsight feature, which is a set of binoculars. Sit on a high peak, wait for the controller to vibrate and a small icon to appear, then scan around the map. This allows you to permanently display your purpose on the map. This works for most content in puzzles, chests, vaults, and titles. Exploring is very important, but you never dive into the unknown because you know exactly what to expect in the next corner. This is an intuitive system that is counter-intuitive to the core concept of this genre.

After climbing the first tower, I saw the vast land below. Immortals Fenyx Rising has a huge gaming world. It’s not as big as other Ubisoft games, but it’s big enough to have a good time from goal to goal. Defeating various mythical beasts such as Cyclopes, Minotaurs, and Gorgons is a huge shortage of enemy types, but the combat system is explosive, at least initially.

It follows the core basics of light and heavy attacks, with parry and evasion as defensive options. Performing a perfect evasion slows down time, allows Fenyx to unleash his most powerful divine abilities, and nails a perfect parry, which could cause the projectile to rush back to the source. There is. Both actions feel completely bad when performed correctly, but the rest of the battle has a hard time catching up. Combining the powers of different gods is a very rewarding experience, but it will be very repetitive towards the second half of the game.

There are some weapons and armor you can grab from the chest, but the core concept doesn’t improve throughout the game. The three core weapon types (sword, hammer, and bow) are constant. That is, combat does not evolve beyond the first few hours of the game. Use the same combination of attacks, the same abilities, and the same approach in combat. Compared to other titles in this genre, the progress seems a bit stagnant and lacking.

Immortals Fenyx Rising, two key design elements shared with Breath of the Wild and Genshin Impact, is a puzzle. If you can see somewhere, you can get there. Climbing feels solid. It’s very slow (and very frustrating without certain ability upgrades), but it allows players to explore almost anywhere on the map. Puzzles are arguably one of its most fascinating elements, and even for me, I absolutely hate video game puzzles, and I hate them as well.

Many of the puzzles turned out to be too simple. It took 10 to 15 seconds to find a solution, and then I messed with the physics of the game and how the puzzles worked for a few minutes to find a solution. I never felt like I was completing the puzzle. I rarely felt satisfied when I won the battle of wisdom. Well, I felt like I was just going through the movement of what the puzzle should be, without any confusion.

It’s a very subjective point of view. The game has a lot of accessibility options that can provide hints for solving puzzle content, and it’s very clear that accessibility is Ubisoft’s direction rather than difficulty. For many, it can be part of a game hit or mistake. Some puzzles are very creative and it’s fun to see the pieces fit in place, but some players are a little confused by the basic elements of solving the puzzle.

Immortal phoenix sizing final idea

Immortals Fenyx Rising is a fascinating and entertaining adventure into Greek mythology. Ubisoft’s trademark core design elements have been introduced to support the experience. It’s a worthwhile adventure for anyone who wants to get rid of the itching of the Breath of the Wild, but the adventures that experienced Ubisoft fans may feel are a little too accustomed.

This review of Immortals Fenyx Rising was done on PlayStation 5 using the PlayStation 4 version of the game. The review code was provided by the publisher.

Immortals Phoenix Sizing Review

Immortals Fenyx Rising is an exciting new action exploration adventure by Ubisoft.With clear inspiration from the Breath of the Wild, Ubisoft wants to combine a rewarding open world expedition.

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