Immortal Phoenix Rising-Beginner Tips to Help You Play Like God

Immortal: Fenyx Rising presents a vast open world inspired by Greek mythology, full of ancient beasts, monsters and gods. If you’re just getting started, a huge open world can be daunting. It’s a long way to make your hero powerful, but you can start on the right path.

We’ve put together a list of tips for beginners to help you get started. For more information, check out our picks for the best ability and devout blessings to get first and read our Immortal: Phoenix Sizing Review.

Climb four statues

This is an open world Ubisoft game, so of course you have to climb. In this case, it is the four statues of the gods, representing each region on the map. Aphrodite, Ares, Athena, Hephaestus. At the top of each is a special sync point that clears that part of the map. And while you are there …

Use hyperopia (scanning) ability

Climbing the statue removes the fog in the area, but does not reveal any points of interest. To do this, you need to manually scan the landscape using hyperopia, which is mapped to hold R3. The statue can be used as a good vantage point for looking around the map. Also, if you find a place of interest like Tartarus’s vault, you can reveal it at the button prompt. Spend time revealing at the top of each statue. Farsight can be used anywhere in the world, so if you just want to know what’s nearby, you can check it out.

To reveal the points of interest, you need to manually scan the landscape using the FarSight feature mapped to hold R3.

Visit all four gods

Climbing the image of a god will display a quest icon where you can find it, start a story quest, and immediately unlock your first blessing ability. This is a key element of the story campaign, performing tasks for each god to help each god regain power and defeat Typhon. You probably need to skip completing each quest in turn, rather than completing the complete quest line for one god. Therefore, revealing that you are starting each of them not only gives you a foothold, but also provides you with local fast travel points.

But first look at Aphrodite

Aphrodite is the closest god on the map when he first started the game, and perhaps not by accident, her first blessing is one of the most useful in the game. Aphrodite’s hug is granted as soon as you start the quest and automatically revives in the event of a battle (cooldown time is 20 minutes). This is very useful for subsequent quests with fierce combat, so aim to get it first.

Get Glide Boost as soon as possible

One of the most useful features of the game is Glide Boost, as many games focus on crossing the open world. It helps you glide faster and use less stamina, allowing you to go further on each glide. You can easily climb to the highest point and go to the next place. (Check out our Ability and Blessing Guide for other recommendations on the skills you invest first.)

Absolutely collect everything

You will find an ancient Greek landscape full of wild flora and fauna. Grab it all! These materials are needed to create potions at the Cauldron of Circe location and can provide healing and combat buffs. When you see a plant, grab it. (And consider investing in the telekinesis gathering feature to move faster.)

Many, many upgrade materials

Immortals are completely filthy with the types of upgrades, so it is important to understand how to obtain each type of upgrade documentation when aiming for a particular type of expansion. Ambrosia upgrades Maximum Health and Zeus Lightning upgrades Stamina. Ambrosia is scattered all over the world and is usually located in hard-to-reach places like high cliffs. Zeus’s Lightning can only be found by completing the Vaults of Tartaros, a bespoke dungeon with glowing red holes in the ground.

Zeus's Lightning can only be found by completing the Vaults of Tartaros, a bespoke dungeon marked with a glowing red hole in the ground.
Zeus’s Lightning can only be found by completing the Vaults of Tartaros, a bespoke dungeon marked with a glowing red hole in the ground.

Your abilities (skills and devout powers) will be upgraded with Karon coins awarded by completing the Mythic Challenge. If you scan the map, you will find these marked with a golden icon. There are several types, such as navigation and Lyre challenges. Chests scattered around the world have Golden Amber, which can be used to upgrade potions. Again, these chests can be marked by scanning at Farsight.

Finally, a variety of equipment is upgraded with four colored Adamantine shards. Each color can be found in clusters around the world, but otherwise they all have their own discovery methods. Yellow (potion and arrow storage upgrades) is in the chest, blue (weapon, armor, helmet upgrades) is obtained by defeating common enemies, and red (weapon upgrades) is a more powerful and unique enemy. You can find it by defeating the inside of the protected chest. Purple (armor and helmet upgrade) is in a magnificent chest.

Frequently visit the Hall of Fame

With all these upgrade types, you might think you can upgrade your abilities and weapons on the fly. No! To upgrade absolutely, you must visit the Hall of Fame of the Gods in Aphrodite’s Eternal Spring Valley. This is the hub area for various upgrade tables, and you can also change the appearance options. If you’ve been exploring the open world for a while, you may have gathered enough material to upgrade something unknowingly. Visit the Hall of Fame of the Gods and strengthen your hero before proceeding to the next phase of the main story quest. It is also home to the Hermes Heroic Task Board, where you will be rewarded for resources and equipment by completing quests such as defeating a certain number of monsters and opening Tartarus chests.

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