Immortal Phoenix Sizing Soars to Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One

Immortal phoenix sizing Introducing the Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One, players can dive head-on into the Golden Isle and its many compelling mysteries. As Phoenix, a fully customizable shield bearer to save the Greek gods from the giant Typhon, unleash the pious power and ability to become an unstoppable winged hero from mythology.

Immortal phoenix sizing Combining the gameplay sensibilities of classic 3D platformers with Ubisoft’s open-world design talent, jump, glide, climb, ride and fight over seven distinctive regions inspired by various Greek gods. Unfold. Combat is fast and often flies in the air. Hit the Gorgon and ghost soldiers into the air, swirl into a fast combo of swords and axes, unleashing divine attacks such as the Hammer Summon of Hephaistos and the wrath of the pointed Ares.

These forces are especially useful when (frequently) fighting giant enemies like cyclopsis and multi-armed hecatoncheires that can smash you with rocks and trees grabbed from the surrounding landscape. It is also essential when turning down the corrupt Wraiths of Heracles, Odysseus, Atalanta and Achilles. Wraiths will appear regularly to hunt you down unless you can find their hideout and defeat them on your home lawn.

When you’re not fighting monsters, you don’t have to go far in any direction to find something fun. In addition to the story quests that the gods set you up, bite-sized, from hidden chests to Tartarus vaults to a series of aerial basements filled with a unique (and often deadly) environment. A puzzle with lots of challenges. Everything you achieve will be fed back to Phoenix’s Heroic Ascension, creating new weapons, armor, or resources that you can use to unlock new abilities, improve your equipment, and upgrade your health and stamina. ..

Immortal phoenix sizing

With Xbox Series X | S, you can experience adventures with ultra-fast SSD performance and minimize the time it takes to move fast and save loads. You can also prioritize performance and quality to ensure high frame rates or maximum detail at up to 4K resolution (for Xbox Series X) and 60 frames per second, depending on your preference.Player who purchased Immortal phoenix sizing Xbox One also allows you to upgrade to the Xbox Series X | S version at no additional cost, thanks to Smart Delivery. Cross-platform progress also allows players to easily transfer saves between systems.

Immortal phoenix sizing Now, put on those sandals, grab your favorite wings and get ready to ruin Monster Day.

Immortal Fenyx Rising ™

Xbox Live

Immortal Fenyx Rising ™




$ 59.99

Immortal Fenyx Rising brings epic mythological adventures to life. Play as Phoenix, a new winged demigod, to save the Greek gods. The fate of the world is at stake-you are the last hope of the gods. – Use the power of gods such as the sword of Achilles and the wings of Daedalus to fight powerful enemies and solve ancient puzzles. – Fight iconic mythical beasts such as Cyclopes and Medusa in dynamic battles in the air and on the ground. – Use skills and a variety of weapons such as self-guided arrows and psychokinesis to deal catastrophic damage. – Discover a stylized open world, each spanning seven unique god-inspired regions.The game leverages smart delivery to give you access to both Xbox One titles and Xbox Series X | S titles.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Soars Onto Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One

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